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Circumnavigation of South Georgia Island


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There are actually three teams - New Zealand, American and British.

Here is the link to the Kiwi team that started first:


You can sign up and get an e-mail when they update the website. So far, they seem to be making phenomenal progress!

Our own local Tom Mailhot (and the rest of his team) is heading to S. Georgia with the British team headed up with Pete Bray.

Pete has a website: www.operationsouthgeorgia.com . I believe the plan is to keep that updated while they are paddling. I had heard that they were heading to South Georgia mid November.

I haven't heard that Tom has a website or anything. If anyone else has, perhaps they could post a link.


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Thanks everyone for the info.

I went to the site that Suz provided for the Kiwis and they are as of Nov 2, within 5 kilometers of making history.

Does any one know if the British team is still going?

I have been unable to find out any mention of the American team

and when they are departing. If you have any info please share.



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the other teams might as well take their time...the race is over (and yes it was a race to be first to do it)..... the NZ'ers have easily won by going early...and it seems the killer fur seals will return to breed in the next weeks making landings very tuff, if not impossible...

""The cold is the price for being in South Georgia so early in the season. This was essential to avoid the staggering numbers of aggressive fur seals, which would make landing impossible and will arrive very soon.""

""This evening we watched a couple of Elephant bulls battle for the harem out of the door of the hemisphere (tent). Then the beach master looked menacingly in our direction, and as we watched in horror, 4 tons of undulating blubber was coming straight for the tent.""

Pete Bray better have his favorite shot gun with him...

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