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Kayaking in Croatia


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Did you Google -- sea kayak croatia

Seems to turn up a number of places who do it. A quick glance shows one with "no experience required" and the pictures show people in Prijon-class boats with no spray skirts. But others say "spray decks" so it may be decent. This is pretty typical of tourist-oriented outfits everywhere.

Also, adding "club" to that query turns up


and on their page is a pointer to a Croatian Canoe Federation. (Bear in mind that "canoe" in the rest of the world often means both canoe and kayak, as in the UK. Hmmm, guess it can in the US too, as in ACA.)

Have a great time -- and write us a trip report!


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This summer Bob Arledge of SMSKN mentioned a trip he is planning in that area. Apparently it is an "up and coming area" and the trick is to get there before it becomes overused as "the" destination. He might be a good source of info and if you post a question on the SMSKN website, I suspect you will get reply.

Ed Lawson

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>Anyone have information/experience on sea kayaking/kayak

>camping in Croatia?

As a follow-up to my earlier posting. Bob Arledge and two friends did go and are now back from their Croatia trip. It seems bob went there a few years ago for a solo trip.

They are are giving a talk about the trip to Croatia on Jan. 19, 2006 at the monthly meeting of the SMSKN.

These folks are known to do some serious miles/trips and I suspect they would have lots of info about planning and doing a trip in Croatia as well as interesting tales.

Ed Lawson

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