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Nigel Foster -Back Up Nigel Foster Boat Needed


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Charles River Canoe and Kayak has been very generous and offered NSPN the use of Nigel Foster Legend for October 13-17 for Nigel's visit and surf classes. BUT there is one caveat, IF the boat sells before we need it on the 13th, we are boat less for Nigel.

Would anyone be so kind as to lend Nigel Foster a Foster boat for the class should we need this? If necessary, I could loan a boat, either Romany or Explorer to whomever lends their boat to Nigel.

Many thanks to Charles River for their generosity! If you visit them for their fall sale, thank them in person for helping us put this class on for out members. http://www.ski-paddle.com/main.html


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I would love to see Nigel in my Rumour if he can't get the Legend from CRCK. I hope to be able to do one of the classes, and will use the Rumour if he doesn't. I have enough other choices of boats to paddle, however,and would be happy to see him make it dance!


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I don't know what Nigel's leg length is, but I can't even get fully into Linda's Rumour, due to the bulkhead location. The way we have the underside of the deck padded for Linda, Nigel may not like it, since he'd have to paddled straight-legged. Perhaps we should give him a Greenland stick to use as well. Hmmm, wouldn't it be something if we could turn Nigel to the "dark side"... ;-)

While it would certainly be interesting to see Nigel in the Rumour, I think we should probably have a backup plan for that backup plan.

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