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Kudos to Rick Crangle

Adam Bolonsky

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This is pretty germane to the recent heap of posts about BCU, because for me what Rick did goes straight to the point of skilled paddlers giving back to NSPN with no strings attached.

Dee recently posted a roughwater day but couldn't make it due to illness. Rick filled in. He's got BCU certs, I guess, and was fully willing to lead a roughwater day with some eager beavers, including myself. Though I didn't participate much (no helmet, intimidation around rocks), I did feel that what he did was selfless. He was willing to teach and share his skills, just as he has always been.

One reason I let my NSPN membership lapse a couple years ago was due to the club's paucity of trips that held my interest or that were lead by paddlers whose abililties challenged the ones I had developed on my own. What Rick did was right. I learned stuff that day onwater with him, as did most everyone else. He passed forward what he has learned by way ofcerts.

Seems that's where the energy these days should go. Training is great. But as Brian pointed out, the best high level paddlers can do for NSPN is to teach us what they know.

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>The club is blessed to have people like you who do so much

>for so many.

...and eat, drink, and wear so little. On the aforementioned trip I actually saw Rick eat while paddling, though he had skipped breakfast so I guess it didn't count. There's always the company policy that if Rick is wearing a hat and gloves its probably too cold to paddle.

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