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Whales off Halibut Point?

David Mooradd

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Some work colleagues who were at Halibut Point all week just told me they could see whales spouting less than a mile off shore. Has anyone seen a whale locally from a kayak? Are there likely locations to see whales that are readily accessible from a kayak? Any suggestions for a possible whale watch tour?


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Two years ago, about this time of year, we saw a Humpback whale just off the coast of Marblehead between the lighthouse and Childrens Island. We watched him for about 45 minutes. He would surface every 2 minutes or so, showing his back, then on the 4th surface he would show his fluke and dissapear for 5-10 minutes. At one point, he surfaced and showed his fluke about 100 feet from us. Eventually he headed towards Salem Sound and then out towards the Gooseberries. It was quite exciting.

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