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Do we want NSPN trips in October?

Dee Hall

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The tendonitis that kept me confined to Walden Pond all summer is finally clearing up. If I survive Delmarva next weekend, I hope to get out for some paddling this fall. I'll need to build up distance gradually so only moderate Level 2 trips.

Ralph Cohn

Elaho DS, blue & white with yellow trim

White Greenland SOF

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If someone wants to organize it, I will host. No weeding but you'll have to pay for your own lobster, off the boat price from my neighborhood lobsterman. Or steamers - I now have access to a clam digger who sells them for $2/lb.

Best dates: Oct 15 or 16.

Paddle where you like on Cape Ann, then come to the Lanesville "clubhouse" for lobsters, clams, corn and pot luck. I'll need a count to order by the Thursday before, and someone to come over ahead of time to help set up.

Liz N.

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Yes, oh yes, pleeeeeeeeeze, yes!

For me, any and all options would be welcome, though my preference would be for 3-level trips. And with the exception of the October 23-4, I'm looking to fill up my calendar ...

Thanks to those of you willing to suggest and set these up!


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