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Hi David, (and others that might know) Mike Crouse and I plan on taking our new kayaking group here at school on the paddle you developed up the Rowley River this Sunday. We would like to launch from the protected launch up by Eagle Hill rather than Pavillion Beach to avoid the current. We have a van and kayak trailer for the boats. Do you know if we can park legally along the road by that launch? Scott or Liz or anyone else - do you know what's legal there?

Thank you for the help!

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Hi, Michael:

I see you got your answer. In fact, I first met Walter as he was parked at that beach. Yes, launching there is a good idea to avoid PI Sound and having to time the currents precisely.

But watch out for poison ivy... there is a major patch all along the road, or at least was last time I looked. (Poison Ivy -- guardian of the woods; apparently of beaches too.)

The GPS track for the the latest edition of the trip is here http://djlewis.smugmug.com/gallery/590652/1/24790327/Large

E-mail me -- djlewis at triadic dot com -- and I can give you more tips.


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