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Rolls Per Minute


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In the category of stupid kayak tricks, tonight at our last skills session in Hanson we were seeing how many rolls we could do in one minute. Those who participated were averaging four seconds per roll, which would be 15 rolls in a minute if we could actually keep it up for the full minute. Nobody did. The high was 13 rolls.

Anyway, after someone told me they did at least a dozen rolls in the surf last night in about two minutes, the exercise doesn't seem that stupid.

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>Anyway, after someone told me they did at least a dozen

>rolls in the surf last night in about two minutes, the

>exercise doesn't seem that stupid.

Um, that would be me. Someone in a long boat had capsized in an outer break. While I was giving him some advice about staying upwave from his boat and swimming it out past the break, another short boat surfer showed up and rafted up with him. I moved up wave a bit, got reverse endoed twice, rolled up twice, and then was asked to retrieve the short boater's paddle. I grabbed the paddle, and then went through a cycle of getting reverse endoed once or twice, looking back to see if they were ok, take a few strokes to stay well up wave of them, and then getting reverse endoed again. All the while wishing they would give up on the rescue of a flooded boat and take the damn paddle back. My hands are too small to hold two paddles at once so I was holding it between my elbows and my chest/stomach/deck.

Eventually, the long boater could stand up and lent a paddle to the short boater, who came to get his paddle.

Incidentally, that was my first ride in of the day. It was a truly great day in the surf. I had no allergies for the rest of the session.

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At the MITA Conference in South Portland a couple of years ago,we watched,stunned,as we saw Turner spin his skin boat 23 times in one minute!! He actually could have managed anothe one or two,but he rolled his way over to the dock and stopped. Jim Dugan had the previous record with 18 the year before. Never tried going past 4 in a row,so I passed on entering.

"which way is up????"

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