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Getting feet wet- Fisher's Race


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Michael, Kate, Linda and I spent a beautiful day Monday bouncing around on the north shore of Cape Cod between the mouth of the Canal and Scorton Creek inlet. The north shore has miles of sandy beaches that are normally pretty placid, but northerly winds kick up a good chop and the inlets can be pretty chaotic when an outgoing tide opposes the waves. We had 1-3'+ erratic chop every 4-5 seconds with only mild winds. Surf rides weren't plentiful or long, but they were available. Lot o' fun! It reminds me of Cape Ann under similar conditions, except without all the rocks!

We were commenting that it would be a perfect place for a rough water workshop, as the water is quite warm (70-ish) and landing conditions are pretty benign, should a mishap occur. The downside is that it's not as reliably rough as some other areas, but when northerlies are predicted, it's a good bet. It's also not too far to Wood's Hole, if something even more interesting and predictable is desired. Overall, it's a good, safe place to practice rough water skills before attempting something like The Race.

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