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Good sea kayaking spot in RI


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Hi Charles,

Although some others on this board may have some good tips for paddling in RI and will probably chime in. Your best bet may be to post your question at RICKA (Rhode Island Canoe/Kayak Association). Their web site is at: http://www.ricka.org/

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If you want to surf and tour on the same day, Ft Wetherill is the place to launch. It puts you between Narragansett and Brenton Reef, you have cliffs & rocks right outside the cove, and Beavertail Point is about 3 miles to the south. There is also good surfing (Off season) in Mackerel Cove in a southerly swell, Narragansett beach, and Bonnet Shores beach club.

There is camping (mediocre at best) at Ft Getty in Jamestown, and a private campgorund somewhere near Bonnet Shores. Don't camp on Dutch Island unless you like Lyme disease. I came home covered with ticks the one time I camped there & I was being careful.

A good 18 mile paddle is to circumnavigate Jamestown from Ft Wetherill. You get a wide range of conditions for your buck.

Have fun!


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