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Remeber what your emegancy gear is for!


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This week while paddling with some friends on an extended camping trip two people had their sleeping bags get wet along with all of their clothing, (Paddling a canoe with just one huge dry bag that was improperly closed when the boat went over while lifting over a beaver dam) at camp that night the rest of us are lending dry clothing and figuring how to keep them warm thru the cool night, low in the upper 40’s not a time to be trying to sleep while wet. It was not until we had got them dressed for bed in clothing that was many sizes to large, they are both about 5 feet tall everyone else was over 6 feet and 60 pounds heavier. That two of us looked at each other and said what about those emergency space blankets. Both of use have carried those little packets for 100’s of miles and never used them and them we don’t even thing of using them right away when we have a true need for them. The story ends happy they slept well, and the blankets work as advertised but they crinkled every time they moved all night. The moral is when something happens remember why and what you carry. The trip was great and would have been better is someone could just get rid of all those silly beaver dams and add a couple of feet of water to the river.

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