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Paddling on the Westport River

helen greitzer

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Two years ago a day trip, paddling on the Westport River, was offered as an official NSPN outing. Due to weather conditions, this trip was cancelled and, unfortunately, never rescheduled.

Does someone have put-in information (I don't recall the name of the trip leader from two years ago)?? Does anyone have any interest in participating in, or leading, such a trip??

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Hi Helen,

RICKA ( http://www.ricka.org ) has several Westport River trips each year. Put in information is available at http://www.krabach.info/mapsections/horseneck.htm

(Click on the red dots.) The west branch of the Westport is a leisurely paddle, and you can also explore the east branch. The bay entrance to the Westport can have some pretty rough conditions so be prepared if you venture out.


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Both branches in the Westport are nice. The East gives you more distance.

Both put-ins are near wineries.

Both routes are well described with maps and directions in Lisa Gollin Evans' AMC book "Sea kayaking Coastal Massachusetts" pagees 303-313


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