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and speaking of connyak

rick stoehrer

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the ct folks hope to make the rough water weekend an annual event based on a summer spring (ha!)

it's invite only...surf and rough water paddling are specific skills and nobody wants to get out there with an unproven commodity and find out you have to fish out a swimmer all day...

and group size is limited because there are only so many folks you can keep track of at a time....really, it's an everyone knows everyone else kind of thing out there.

maybe once the weather kicks up a bit later this summer/fall we can do a little ad hoc rough water/surf thing up this a-ways. woods hole comes close but we really have nothing like that water up here....but we can find a little something probably to get eveyone a little more comfy with one another.

and if you look closely...i am grinning in a photo. it's one of the times i wasn't laughing, giggling or singing....

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Woods Hole is fun, it has the currents, but rarely do you get the combination of current with shallows and an opposing wind to make for big surfable waves there. If you do, the play area is pretty small, and there are usually a zillion boats zipping through to make it, hmmm, unsafe?

Another idea is to hop over to this area off West Chop on the Vineyard:


Pick a day with a good northeast wind blowing and get over there early in the flood current and play those shoals where the current is coming in from 50+ feet to 6 feet of water. My chart shows that area to only have 4 feet of water at mean low tide and the current runs 3+ knots in the vicinity of Green Can 25. One should be able to surf against the current to get back "upstream", or duck into the eddy near West Chop to rest or work back upstream for another go.

The ferries run to the north of the shoal, so they wouldn't be a problem. The paddle out to there is only about 4 miles. And it's closer than the Race, even if not quite as racy.

I'd be happy to go with a small qualified group out there, acting as "local guide". I've paddled that area more than most.

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As long as the group is of a reasonable size, re, small, and made up of experienced paddlers, re, ready for well off shore surfing and hard play, then I think this can be arranged. We were lucky to have some nice, and competent, people from Conn. to introduce us to this area. Catumb Rocks and Sugar reef are a good starting place, the Race has different issues and takes its toll if you are unprepared for her. We had a ball on both of the weekends this summer. I for one want to make it a regular place to play and continue to enjoy the folks from connyak. Stay tuned Sean you will enjoy this venue.

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the receding barnacle line doesn't bother me half so much as the length of my arms now being insufficient to read with...that's a bit aggravating.

on the up side, i was able to locate the quote source with that internet thing they talk about so much down at the vfw-er

...and like our old fogey predecessor, i just hate it when someone puts coffee in my coffee cup!

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