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Manchester, MA - New Parking Situation


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Just spoke to the Police and City Hall in Manchester, MA. New parking limits went into effect today. The policeman who I spoke to was very nice -- they have always been very helpful. He was not quite sure of the new rules, but thought the only parking longer than 2 hours was in Masconomet Park (the center slots). Those have always been that way. Certainly is a limited number but we might always get lucky.

I called City Hall. They confirmed that those are the only spots in town with parking for longer than 2 hours. The businesses and restaurants of Manchester requested this change since so many out-of-towners were filling the parking spaces, going to their beach, and not spending much money. Understandable change I guess, but it sure makes it almost impossible to plan trips out of Manchester.

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On one official trip a couple of years ago, we did organize a shuttle to a school about a mile away. I believe it got arranged at the last minute. That still requires one parking space, of course, which Natalia supplied when she lived across the street from the put-in(!) -- but she's no longer there. Also, there are some NSPNers who live in Manchester, but nobody currently very active right now that I know of.

How about we set up a formal arrangement with the town PTB to get one space and shuttle the rest. Hey, we do usually go out for at least ice cream for PPPO in Manchester, and we could promise more. That may solve it for official trips, but less likely for privates.


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I also participated in a trip some years back where we shuttled vehicles between a nearby location and the put-in. There are all sorts of creative ways to launch from Manchester, but none of them are reliable anymore. There are plenty of places to launch into these waters without launching from Manchester. Making some sort of financial commitment to this wealthy town doesn't set well with me. Instead we frequent the local haunts on a sunny day wearing full neoprene. We might get a private launch site.

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