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Adam Bolonsky

Tracking Darrell Gardner

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Darrell Gardner, who's a former student of NSPN's Bob Burnett, is paddling the Inside Passage from Seattle to Alaska: 1,400 miles.

When I took the Alaskan state ferry from Seattle to Skagway with a buddy a while back, I remember how hellish and remote the waters were. Huge tides, a lot of 3-day gales, the blackest most lonely-looking mountains I'd ever seen. And sea lions barking every night on the beaches.

I was able to get SPOT to sponsor Darrel with a tracking/messaging beacon.

He's also carrying a personal locater beacon, smaller twin of an EPIRB.

I'll be posting his SPOT transmissions. Right now he's on a beach in Anacrotes, Washington.

Darrell also keeps a website: Under Human Power.

I'll also be writing about Darrel's touchdown points in my blog.

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