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Phishing attempt or spam attack?


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I received 3 genuine appearing messages from the NSPN message board from sender [email protected] and I'm not sure what to make of them.

My apologies to "ellaelizabeth", who was the author of all 3, if I am doing wrong by you.

The subjects of all 3 mails seemed somewhat off-topic for an NSPN discussion: "What does a security grade C mean?" and another one titled "Why is it important for orthopedic patients to go through rehabilitation?" and a third asking "What exactly does a construction worker do?".

While all of these questions are extremely important and keep me up at night as well, I was wondering whether we are the subject of a spam attack.


I'm aware that the title of my new topic may itself seem to be a phishing/spam attack to other NSPNers and land in the trash...suit yourself.


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The spammer slipped through the system's spam check for new board users and was able to post a couple of spam posts.  If you got emails, those were legitimate in the sense that you've asked the message board to notify you of new posts.  The posts were spam, but the email notifications were sent to you by the board as you asked.  Your email addresses were not accessed by the spammer.  

The spammer was banned and the posts removed earlier today.

4 hours ago, Inverseyourself said:

Really, Mike, how dare you go kayaking when we’re under attack !😄

What's more, we stopped for a PPPO after a delightful day.  Needed onion rings.

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