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Odiorne to Brave Boat Harbor, 8/28/22

Jim Snyder

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We had great weather and conditions for a trip outside Gerrish Island. We were me, Jody Harris, Vlad Gersht, Joyce Carpenter, Fred Goodman, David Mercer, Don Martin, Barbara Ryan, Prudence Baxter, Nick and Ali Pearson. The direct route to Brave Boat took us past Whaleback Light so we started in that direction.


As is often the case there was a lot of tidal current moving around Whaleback.




While the swell was small, it was long period and provided occasional interest around the rocks.


Even with the small swell, Brave Boat provided some easy surfing opportunities, which some of us took advantage of. Following lunch in Brave Boat, we split into two pods, one going back the way we came and the other continuing on the Gerrish circumnavigation.


A light onshore wind turned things pretty choppy on the outside on the return, the Chauncy Creek pod can weigh in below. Thanks to Don for the above pictures!










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Wonderful day with return across Piscataqua completely different than in the morning.  Wind had picked up more than forecast, and it was windy/wavy/sporty going across, but we managed as a tightly together pod (congrats to all for that!) and 100% returned.  The paddle back along the coastline was either into or with beam seas.  A few found a nifty tide race just at the entrance to the harbor.  Mellow paddle the rest of the way.  I love doing the Garrish circumnav, and would note that an hour after Jaffrey Point high tide, there was PLENTY of room under the causeway bridge going back.

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It was really a perfect paddle. The weather was just gorgeous, we were a very companionable lot, and the group that came back through the marsh got lots of variety of environment. I didn’t mind the bit of wind and wave we encountered as we approached the harbor, but avoiding it all the way back was just fine. Next time, we’ll do better on planning the post-paddle refreshments. 

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