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Threading Bungee Through Hatch Cover Tether Hole?

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I'd probably try sticking needle nose pliers through the tether hole, grab the tip of the bungee, and pull it as taut as possible to reduce its diameter. Then pull it through.

You could also pull the bungee taut, wrap it with electrical tape or whip it with dental floss to hold the reduced diameter, and then snip off the end. Wrap a tapered "nose cone" of electrical tape to help start it through the hole.

Or just drill out the tether hole a bit. :)

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Solved it, with some Button Thread, a Needle, Needle Nose Pliers, and something to cut the thread.

First thread the needle, and stick it through the end of the shock cord.


After pulling it through the shock cord, thread the needle with the loose ends as well.


The needle and thread easily pass through the tether hole in the new hatch cover.


Need a good grip to pull.  So needle nose pliers pinch the thread, and add a quick wrap for a secure grip.  Then pull while praying you don't damage the hatch cover.


Sigh of relief, the shock cord made it through the tether hole without breaking anything,


Remove the thread, then a simple overhand stopper knot like the factory did the other covers.


Put away the tools.  Apply some 303 Protectant and the kayak is ready for more fun on the water.


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