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P&H Cetus HV Carbon/Kevlar Expedition Layup

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P&H Cetus HV
-expedition carbon/kevlar layup
-freshly machine buffed and waxed
-in excellent shape, normal wear and tear
-18'3" in length 22.5" wide
-available for test paddles
-expedition boat for larger, experienced paddler

-located in Portland 





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Your boat looks great. I am new to Kayaking and have been looking at the Rockpool Menai at Nanuq and the NDK Explorer HC at Maine Island Kayaks. Your Cetus seems to be in the same class as these boats. I am 6' 5" and 225 lbs so not any boat will do. If you think I would fit I would like to come see the boat and try it on.

Bob Lutnicki
7 Quarter Deck Lane 
Scarborough, ME 04074
[email protected]

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While our personal specs are a bit different, I've been paddling a Cetus for about 12 years, from near the start of my sea kayak journey and have found it to be a wonderful boat.  Very sea worthy in a wide range of conditions, solid camping platform with a ton of space, a great tracker and on edge, ample maneuverability. 

Well worth the look!


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