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Wed. Lunch Paddle 5/25/2022: Lanes Cove

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We will meet at 9:00 am (yes, this is earlier than last week!) and launch promptly at 9:30 am. We are launching from Lanes Cove in Gloucester MA at the Andrews Street state-owned lot: https://goo.gl/maps/rUPYUwnVD8q6WNeJA

Registration: To attend, please fill out this registration form: https://forms.gle/wuyFNv7nrCHUqtoW8

To join the trip you must be a paid-up NSPN member, and have signed the club participant waiver for this season. Your signup information will only be shared with other members on the trip.

Predictions and Plan:  It looks like a very nice morning. NOAA Forecast is light winds becoming SE 8-12 kt around midday (the reason for the somewhat earlier launch). Sunny with 2 ft seas, air 60 F, water 50-55 F.  Rockport tides:


2022/05/25 Wed 01:57 AM 0.62 L
2022/05/25 Wed 08:13 AM 9.07 H
2022/05/25 Wed 2:22 PM 0.29 L
2022/05/25 Wed 8:46 PM 9.42 H

A suggested plan as of this moment is to paddle north and east around Halibut Point to Rockport for lunch. If the forecast holds we will have a tailwind on the way back and some lee after we round Halibut on the return. If the forecast doesn't hold, we could go south from Lanes instead.

Covid-19 paddling: this trip requires paddlers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 per request of the trip organizers, as rescues or first aid may require close physical contact.

Trip level: WLPs do not have a specific level. All properly equipped members are welcome: please bring boats with rigged deck lines, bulkheads, spray skirts, and dress for immersion.

NOTE: The Wednesday Lunch Paddles are cooperative adventures, not guided trips. We encourage paddlers to make their own independent decision about their comfort level with conditions at the time of the paddle. Each participant is responsible for her/his own safety. Don’t assume the trip initiators are smarter, stronger, better at rough water, more attractive, or more skilled paddlers than you are. For more information, see this description of our trip philosophy from the NSPN web site. 

Please PM me if you have questions or if you haven’t paddled with me before.

Hope to see you there!

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