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I am looking to buy a kayak. The one I bought last summer was too small unfortunately since I really liked it.

Please let me know if you have a kayak for sale or know of one. 
Thank you
Sue Henry (nspn name now is Sue Two)
I am looking forward to seeing you all this summer at least on shore at the annual picnic and hopefully on the water:) 
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Hi Prudence 

I bought this P&H Sirius. Very nice but too tight cockpit.  The deck lines are new and a new hatch cover.

Ad last summer:

P&H Sirius (size small) 17' touring kayak. Fiberglas and kevlar. 
Light, sleek, low profile. 
Cockpit opening width 15 1/2" 
Lots of life left in her, for the right paddler. 

Stored indoors except for one winter. 
This boat is used, but not used up. Could benefit from some TLC, but is seaworthy and intact. 
Last paddled June 8, 2021
1- One of the hatch covers needs to be replaced. 
2- Hull has been repaired but it's solid and has been paddled plenty since then.
3- Could use new deck lines.


Hope all goes well for you.

And hope to see you on the water:)



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Good Day Sue……I have a Current Designs Caribou kayak that has been sitting in my shed unused for the last several years. The ‘boo’ is in great shape. I had a brand spanking new hull placed on the kayak before hanging it up. The hull has no scratches whatsoever. The deck looks ugly. Why? The sun faded the red luster and the deck looks blotchy. Marine polish I believe will take care of that. The  Caribou is 17’8” long & 21.75 wide. It is kevlar construction that is 44lbs. The kayak is in good condition. If interested I can send pics. Or if you want to chat and/or text I’ll release my phone number….I would like to get $1500 for this boat. I’d like to retrieve the $1200 I paid for the new hull. BTW, the hull had numerous scrapes and spider cracks when I decided to get the new hull. I had another Caribou kayak in my shed so I used that when I hung up my red Caribou……

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