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Neck Gasket repair - Mythic Dry Suit

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Hi All,

Last Sept the neck gasket on my Mythic Dry Suit had a tear. We did an emergency repair however, I would like to get the gasket replaced or repaired. The dry suit is only a few years old and worn only a few times. Anyone know where I can do this? I can't really invest in a new dry suit right now. 



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Anyone have any Massachusetts repair options? I may also be in the market for a neck gasket replacement. After limping home last fall with an emergency repair, I did a full cleaning, light sanding, and an aquaseal repair, and it's holding strong. They should make the entire neck gasket out of aquaseal!

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 In the past United Divers in Somerville (Washington Street, near Union Square)  did drysuit gasket repair and install  work, and supplied gaskets. Not sure of their status now,   but it might  be worth giving them  a call. 

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