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The 2021 kayak racing season has kicked off with Rhode Island's Narrow River Race.  If you just felt a slight tinge of FOMO do not despair!  There's plenty more fun on the way.  Note that while some of these events are intended for HPK class boats (eg, surfskis), FSK and/or SK class boats can typically enter if prior approval has been granted by the race director.


Weekly Racing:

May 25 - August 31: "Salem League" Tuesday Night Race Series (Beverly MA) info


Regional Racing:

06-05-2021: Sakonnet River Race (Portsmouth RI) info

06-26-2021: Ride The Bull (Jamestown RI) info

07-17-2021: Blackburn Challenge (Gloucester MA) info

09-12-2021: Great Stone Dam Classic (Lawrence MA) info

10-02-2021: Essex River Race (Essex MA) info

10-16-2021: Plum Island Lighthouse Race (North Kingstown RI) info


Not currently on the schedule, but possibly being added:

* June:  Kettle Island Run (Beverly MA)

* August: Nahant Bay Race (Swampscott MA)

* September: Tinkers Island Run (Marblehead MA)


Happy to answer any/all questions about any of these events.


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Reminder that weekly Tuesday night racing at Lynch Park in Beverly starts tonight at 6:45pm!  Average course length is 5 miles.  Sea kayaks (SK/FSK) very much welcome to participate, although be warned you may find yourself taking a surfski for a spin post-race ;) 


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