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Wed 1/27/21: Lecture on Ipswich schooner shipwreck and MA coastal resources

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Reposting from Salem Sound Coastwatch. Lecture on the shipwreck of the Ada K. Damon. This looks interesting.

(Last week @prudenceb, @David M and myself ate lunch next to this very shipwreck without knowing what it was. I'm sure the full story will be fascinating. As the pictures in the above link shows, the wreck emerges from and recedes into the sand as the coastline keeps changing.)

Wednesday, January 27, 7:00 - 8:30pm - VIRTUAL

Underwater in Salem Sound Lecture Series:

"Massachusetts Coastal Resources at Risk:
Ada K. Damon Shipwreck on Steep Hill Beach, Ipswich"

David Robinson, Director and Chief Archaeologist for the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources, will discuss maritime archaeology with a particular focus on the wreck site of the 1875 schooner Ada K. Damon on Steep Hill Beach at the Trustees of Reservations' Crane Estate property in Ipswich. He will share the story of its history, demise, and rebirth as a part of the local community's cultural fabric for over a century. Recent dramatic impacts to the site caused by coastal erosion resulted from the confluence of climate change-induced sea level rise, seasonal "King Tides" and the passage of Hurricane Teddy off the Massachusetts coast. The recent fate of the Ada K. Damon raises important questions about the increasing vulnerability of the Commonwealth's coastal cultural resources to coastal erosion.

More information and Zoom link available here: https://www.salemsound.org/calendar.html

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