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2015 NDK/SKUK Explorer HV - 1050 $

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This 2015 NDK/SKUK Explorer HV is for sale. Black over black with blue seam, seat, coaming and dragon logo. 1050 $. The boat was custom ordered from Tom Bergh in 2015. 

It is well used and has a good amount of cosmetic blemishes on the hull and deck as well as a few more substantial dings affecting the glassed keel strip and a perpendicular to its length axis spider crack over the day hatch, which remains water proof. There is one area that was repaired but not buffed down (see photo). All these blemishes are reflected in the price. The original price was just over 4000 $.

Always stored inside. Installed Brunton compass and 3 well maintained and 303'd hatch covers. No foot braces and no foot brace rails installed as the boat came with a custom bulkhead to be paddled with foam. Skeg fully functional with an as-good-as-new skeg replacement wire installed.

This boat is fit for a taller paddler. I am just under 6'5", 35" inseam, size 14 paddle shoe size but know plenty of Explorer HV paddlers that are shorter and both heavier and lighter than I . Because of the custom bulkhead, foam will allow adjustment to any inseam.

Despite its blemishes it remains a beautiful boat that attracts looks wherever it goes and will serve its new owner well for years to come. It is an all purpose boat for cruising, camping, surfing, tide race and rock play.








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