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John Dowd

Valley Nordkapp Kayak

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Valley Nordkapp Kayak, Legendary design, HS, keyhole cockpit, 17’9”x 21”, brand new Sea-lect Hatch Covers (better than VVP), just treated with 303 UV protectant, can arrange for test paddle on Baboosic Lake near me or will deliver within reason. $1,500

54E3E4E9-7908-47E2-A537-FC53E9DEAA7D.thumb.jpeg.b80bf9a73ba75eab424ed4424ee8e216.jpeg8DD1486F-E02D-4442-8446-8EDCF2F51D77.thumb.jpeg.1526019ab72fb9aac6541b980381ea61.jpeg8DD1486F-E02D-4442-8446-8EDCF2F51D77.thumb.jpeg.1526019ab72fb9aac6541b980381ea61.jpegText me at













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Hi John,

I am a new member to NSPN and just saw your post.  I have a Nordkapp HM and it may be more boat than I can handle.

I noticed that you lowered the seat.  Does that make a big difference in the stability?  My seat is the original and is about 1.5 to 2 inches above the hull.

Thank you.



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Lee, I have had a number of Valley boats and never heard of any seat being that high off the hull (2"!) -- none of mine were (or are).  Why not consider cutting out or unbolting yours and replacing with a self-made foam seat which would be glued directly to the hull?  That would result in a seat made-to-measure, as it were, and likely placing your backside about 1/2 inch to 1 inch above the bottom of the hull?  (By the way, I don't see any evidence of John Dowd having lowered his seat?  What he <has> done is simply to have replaced the backrest with a shaped foam block...)

These are such seaworthy boats and so handsome!  (I used to have the LV version).   

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Thanks for the reply.  I will measure the gap between the hull and the seat and get back to you.  The kayak is currently in storage in Maine.  The plan is to remove the seat & backbend, and replace them with foam.  I hope that lowering the seat will add enough stability to make the kayak enjoyable to me.  



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