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Solstice 2020 Cancelled

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There are two aspects of the Annual Solstice Paddle and Post Paddle Pot Luck that have made it such a special event for the club: gathering with friends, both old and new; and sharing an amazing array of food together afterwards.  Due to the current pandemic situation, both of those aspects are nearly impossible to do and enjoy.  Although there have been discussions of ways to hold the event while still technically abiding by the recommendations, the reality is that it would not present a positive image of our club and/or our sport to the general public or officials to coordinate 20 to 30 paddlers at one location.

NSPN has seen almost all of the first half of 2020 cancelled in some way, from pool sessions, to workshops, and several annual paddling events.  Still, I am sad to announce that NSPN will not be holding this traditional "season starter" event, since we seem right on the edge of being able to do it.  Although we are cancelling this event due to the typically high level of attendance, we are encouraging members to hold their own unique solstice trips if they choose, with an emphasis on following all recommended guidelines to keep yourselves and those around you safe.

As we approach the day of longest sunlight, and the temperatures continue to rise, let's keep in mind to avoid having multiple groups launching from one location.  Keep in mind that private trips, as well as groups from other clubs and organizations, will make this more challenging, so be as proactive and flexible as possible.  We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer, and we hope to see you one the water sooner or later!

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