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Q20 canoe river trip #2

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With fond memories of our previous weekend’s trip still fresh in our minds, we conjured up a similar trip that would get us back in the canoe, before diminishing water flows would put us behind the eight-ball for a river trip.


The two choices were: 1) continue the southward, lower section of the Pemi, beyond the impassible Livermore Falls, or 2) paddle on one of its major tributaries. As always, we checked the river data, and called one of the local canoe/kayak/tube liveries in Plymouth. We settled on #2, after consulting yet another resource, a 30-year old AMC  river guide that indicated we could launch from our planned spot, given the water level was only slightly below average.


Upon scouting an appropriate launch site near the bridge, we had second thoughts about the plans for a 20+ mile paddle, given the late hour, and the bony-looking riverbed from our vantage point. Nonetheless, our blood was up for an adventure, given the Q20 doldrums, and the phenomenal weather.


Luckily, the first few hundred yards gave us the most bottom scratches than the remainder of the trip, and we quickly entered Paradise corridor. Numerous riffles, crystal-clear water, serpentine course, gravel and rocky beaches, steep sand/clay/rocky shorelines, and the only canoe on the river for seven hours on a glorious Memorial Day weekend!

Aside from the rare proximity to the highway, and the laboring lumberyard, a more serene river trip I have never had.

IMGP0387.thumb.JPG.6e86588dfbf5adc82831066a4988d26e.JPG  IMGP0386.thumb.JPG.15b186ffd0ac235cfa9766f24b051572.JPG


Before the first hour had expired, we were delighted to find a supreme lunch spot – sandy landing beach with adjacent “harbor,” rocky promontory, and a deep swimming hole.



We were in no hurry to leave this spot, and lingered for a full hour, enjoying our lunch and Mother Nature’s glory. After some consideration/deliberation, the old man found the courage to jump straight into the swimming hole, without regret, though the water was not a little cold.



Regretfully, with many miles to go, we resumed the trip down the undulating river, and remarked of the foolishness/bravery of Powell’s trip down the Colorado; no such danger on this day. Riverside bamboo was our frequent companion on this river,


IMGP0402.thumb.JPG.15991f5a8cd141c012f45de4da66bf01.JPG   IMGP0382.thumb.JPG.055686f86d1c332355249662f3f8dc1d.JPG


and we frequently pointed out to one another the various geological features of the riverbank composition, including layers of clay that was “scaling“ into the river, near-perfect pieces of pottery, unbaked.

  IMGP0381.thumb.JPG.a08fce568aabf02e1676a7f4f310bf4a.JPG     IMGP0406.thumb.JPG.97e91b603249aea4d2605ad70ceffebb.JPG



Toppled trees, boulders, and a rare group of tubers sharpened our paddling skills, the captain and his first mate scouting standing, and comfortably seated at the bow, respectively.




IMGP0399.thumb.JPG.e310a1a2f3f94def58ce3923b0a06a07.JPG  IMGP0407.thumb.JPG.c427a8faaf169cb2323753ac6ae51b97.JPG


We were in no hurry, and our timepieces confirmed that, as the river finally discreetly nuzzled into its mother at 6:15 PM. We pulled out 1/4 mile past the bridge into downtown, car-topped the staged vehicle, and drove to retrieve the launch car, first stopping for supper at The Common Café in Rumney Village. We were delighted with the scrumptious, hearty meals, and the friendly owners-well worth the very short trip from the highway. 


Ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, puddles – it doesn’t matter just get out there. ANTS (Aqueous Nature Therapy Solutions) are the best medicine for Q20!


Link to track  here


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