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The lingering winter frequently has a chilling effect (pun) on cold clime paddle events.  The Baja Bash (3/10-3/16) was a rocking hit, at least partially due to the warm weather setting.  That said, there are a few spots left open in each of our next two classes so we have decided to counter by offering local club discounts.  If you are a member in good standing of a New England based club, you are entitled to a 15% discount good for the following events:

 POLAR PADDLE PRACTICUM 4.0                              4/12 – 4/14                                         SOUTH COAST MAINE
This is a gift that keeps on giving.  Now on it’s fourth iteration, we are trying out new locals and going back to our roots on programming.  We’ve eliminated the Leadership Tract and are laser focused making sure paddlers get what they want and need on open water.
South coast Maine is a fantastically beautiful area which is underutilized by the paddle community.  Part instructional, part exploratorium, participants will have the opportunity to work with instructors to help pick the days’ venues and quantify what makes them tick.  Paddlers will work in similarly experienced pods allowing all to push within their comfort zones.
Participants will be staying together in a comfy house in Old Orchard Beach.   It's a nice town and close enough to venue options to allow access to all sorts of great paddling.
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced beginners to advanced intermediate open water paddlers.
PRICE: $700 minus a $105 discount

 ROCKS, SURF, RACES                                                 5/10-5/12                             FISHERS ISLAND SOUND AND COASTAL RI
Home to the awesome tide races of the Fishers Island Sound, surf beach venues along the RI south coast and Narragansett Bay and scenic rock gardening on the southern tip of Jamestown, we’ll go where conditions are best and paddler interest is highest.  The focus of this event is to increase comfort and expand capacities in open water.  This is a complex and varied set of venues, allowing a great opportunity for participants to hone their conditions forecasting skills.
Tim Gleason, skilled active water coach from RI, joins Gerry to host this event in their native waters. As a marine scientist who grew up on the water and experienced sea leader with international experience, he brings a unique perspective to coaching.  Gerry and Tim love paddling this area and are appreciative of the wide variety of condition options.
This event will be housed either at a house or cabins at a camp depending on sign up levels.
SKILL LEVEL: Advanced beginners to intermediate open water paddlers.
PRICE: We are still working out housing so final price is TBD.  
Will be somewhere in the $750 range minus a 15% discount for those needing housing.  
Local club members that are day players not needing housing will pay $525 minus a 15% discount.

As always, check the calendar on our website for updates and additions at SeaSherpaKayak.com.
You can reach out to Gerry directly at Gerry At Sea Sherpa Kayak Dot Com
Have a great and safe 2019 paddle season.


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