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Rit makes a dye now for synthetic material -- this might work?  I have limited experience dyeing cotton things but not nylon.  Black can be hard to achieve -- I often get some blotchy shade of gray when item is all rinsed and dried.  General dyeing suggestions would be to follow instructions carefully, use the hottest water you can, and be careful not to dye other things (like hands, sink, etc.) that you didn't intend (these things seem to take the dye the best). 

Good Luck!

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My limited experience is with nylon skin-on-frame skins.  For that I've used Acid Dyes from Dharma.  While I've had issues with dye blends, I see that Dharma is selling 413 True Black (Primary)* which should do the job.  The * means they recommend using that dye at 4% of weight of goods.  It is a Primary which is a good thing, since sometimes blends don't result in uniform colors.  See the Dharma link above for instructions and tutorials on using dyes.  Their instructions will be far more accurate than any details I can provide.

Good luck.

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