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Hermit island weekend

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Seven brave NSPN-ers journeyed north for a weekend at Hermit island (a location that is neither an island nor does it have a hermit).  Hermit island has a lovely (if somewhat pricey) campsite that even comes with its own beautiful empty sandy beach.  We were very lucky with the weather and even the headwind we encountered on the Saturday morning paid off with a tailwind home after lunch.  Our first paddle took us 5 miles north up the coast to Malaga island where we stopped for lunch.  We took the 'inside passage' on the way up, through some shallow sections that clearly dried at low tide, as far as Malaga island - a reserve that welcomes day trippers and has a rather chequered history.  On our return journey we could took the 'outside passage' and got fresh views of the islands that we passed on the way up.  Our return trip was strongly wind assisted and took us through some exposed skerries where some of us indulged in a bit of rock gardening.  I even managed to get a bit of kayak sailing in - which is still rather alarming!

We enjoyed dinner and drinks on the beach where we were rewarded with a fantastic sunset - its a real treat on the east coast to find a beach that faces west, Some of us ended up as dinner for the local mosquitoes though (bring insect repellent next time!).

On Sunday we went south into the swell and chop around the headland for some more 'sporting' conditions.  Our lunch spot was yet another beautiful empty sandy beach where we were lucky enough to get a visit from a rather inquisitive seal. 

Its great to have a location like this less than 3 hours drive away.  worth another visit I'd say



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I've  camped and paddled all up and down that area...but have managed to miss Hermit Island.  Next tIme, Nick!

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