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Found 47 results

  1. If the weather forecast holds, around 5pm I'm expecting to practice with a rolling friend who hasn't been to Walden recently. Everyone is welcome to join us. -Bill I might also be working with a white-water rolling student before hand.
  2. Assuming the weather cooperates, I expect to work with a white water student until around 5pm, then join any NSPN participants who show up. As far as I can tell the DCR universal access program will not be reserving boat ramp parking next week, so returning the NSPN Walden event to Tuesdays.
  3. I expect to be at Walden this Wednesday. I should be finishing up with a former white water rolling student around 5pm, at which time I'll join who ever decides to show up from NSPN. We will probably be meeting at Walden on Wednesday next week as well because Walden is hosting a large group on Tuesday, before returning to the Tuesday schedule. -Bill
  4. I haven’t wet my paddle since September 12th, 2018. This coming Tuesday I hope to wet my paddle, kayak, and head with Walden Pond water. Afterwards I hope to enjoy dinner with friends at Comella’s. I’m not leading anything for NSPN or AMC at this time. However, I do want to show up to see old and new friends, and I am willing to sign an NSPN waiver as a participant if someone else brings the waiver. For those unaware, I’ve been out with a back injury. I’m certainly not entirely recovered, but I do now have medical clearance to resume all activities.
  5. I'm not going to make it this week, sore lower back. If anyone goes, have fun without me.
  6. Anyone feeling an urge to visit Walden this Wednesday?
  7. This is the last Walden session I put on the calendar. Mainly because I'm scheduled to drive to Maine next Wednesday. Based on the hot weather forecast, this might be the first Wednesday of the year that Walden is "closed for capacity" and Plan-B applies. I'm improved but know I'm still sick because I don't feel like rolling my kayak. I'm also still coughing and blowing my nose. My bottom line is I'm probably not attending this week. Have fun without me.
  8. I'll be closely watching the hourly forecast, but as I post this the chance of thunder ends at 3pm with trace precipitation ending around 6pm. Near perfect conditions for another peaceful evening at Walden.
  9. I hope everyone has fun without me this week. I do not expect to attend. Hopefully, I'll be in Maine that afternoon.
  10. Who's up for braving the weather? Usual plan, show up 4:30pm or later, off the water about 7:00pm.
  11. As I write this, the forecast is 40% chance of rain with a chance of thunderstorms. Looks like a week to decide at the last minute based on the latest forecast. Though I'm up for going if the forecast doesn't get any worse.
  12. This Wednesday as I launch my latest skin-on-frame at Walden I need friends to share the joy, photographers to document the event, spotters to keep me safe while I wet exit, mentors to help me roll it, and dinner companions to join me at Comella’s afterwards. Hopefully the bad weather forecast will keep the crowds at bay. I'm aiming to arrive around 4:30pm. Off the water around 7pm if all goes well. Though I will head to Comella's earlier if the weather or my new kayak do not cooperate.
  13. Looks like the weather is going to clear off in time for a pleasant Wednesday evening on the pond. Start arriving around 4:30pm? Off the water around 7pm, out of the parking lot by 7:30pm. -Bill
  14. No drysuit for me this week at Walden (I think). Based on last Tuesday's temps at a pond up here in NH, I think that heat wave has warmed most fresh water up to down right comfortable. Anyone care to join me this week? I'm thinking off the water around 7pm, drive away by 7:30pm. For me that suggests arriving around 4:30pm, but I could vary that a bit.
  15. Should we cancel the July 4th session because it is July 4th?
  16. I'm thinking arrive around 4:30pm, off the water around 7:00pm, out of the park by 7:30pm. The weather if anything looks too good, so there is a chance Plan-B will be in effect.
  17. Last week's weather was much better than forecast. I hope this week will repeat. Assuming we don't abort because of weather, I plan to get OFF the water a little bit before 7pm. So I would like to get ON the water sometime between 4pm and 5pm. Anyone want to join me this week? Any time preference?
  18. Wednesdays at Walden is on the calendar for 2018 from May 23rd through August 29th, though it may keep going even longer. See the calendar entry for details. Unless the weather looks like Thunder, I currently plan to attend the May 23rd session. Are others interested in going to Comella’s after the first session?
  19. until
    Greenland rolling, euro-paddle rolling, goose-decoy rolling, norsaq rolling, hand rolling, rescue practice, standing up in a kayak and juggling, sitting in kayaks talking without ever getting wet, strokes practice, stupid kayak tricks, Walden Pond on Wednesday evenings has something for nearly every kayaker. Come join us. It is on the calendar for 2018 from May 23rd through August 29th, though it may keep going even longer. Two-person-minimum. Each week’s session is considered automatically canceled unless at least two people post in the “Trips / NSPN Events” forum that they plan to attend. This is mainly to handle thunderstorms in the forecast, but also to coordinate things like the occasional dinner plans (usually at Comella’s). Plan-B is White Pond. Walden is wonderful but sometimes closes. Find that and other information at https://twitter.com/waldenpondstate. Plan-B is if Walden tweets they are closed, even if they plan to reopen that day, or if you find yourself locked out of Walden when you arrive, head to White Pond. White Pond is an 8 minute (10 to 16 minutes at rush hour) drive from Walden. It has very limited parking, so generally we drop kayaks, but park at a nearby school. Google Maps describes the put-in as 5B Plainfield Rd, Concord, MA 01742, the school where we park is Willard Elementary. White Pond is rolling and rescue friendly. Practice takes place right at the put-in so it is very nice for late arrivals. AMC Boston’s White-Water paddlers have their pond social there on Wednesdays, and the leader knows White Pond is our Plan-B; Walden has been their Plan-B in the past. We put-in right next to a PRIVATE members only swim beach. Technically non-members are not supposed to use the beach restrooms. Though I have heard of people getting permission from life-guards in the past. You will need to sign an NSPN waiver ( https://www.nspn.org/waiver/ ). Walden Pond sessions do not include a beach briefing, and often have staggered launches. So to comply with NSPN policy, please print your own waiver copies and bring a signed copy to each pond session. If you forget to bring a waiver, please sign the waiver of someone who remembered. You will need a parking pass at Walden (White Pond is free). If you are 62 or older and a MA resident, get a Senior ParksPass for $10. If you live in MA and just want to try Walden the “borrow a ParksPass program” might work for you. If you plan to be a regular consider a season pass. Otherwise pay the daily Walden parking fee (there is a kiosk by the boat ramp accepting debit/credit cards). For those new to Walden, I played around with Google Maps and created this custom map showing the following places. Main Parking Entrance: We rarely park in the main parking lot unless we arrive late, or need the bathroom facilities in the main parking area. Boat Ramp Entrance: There is a gravel driveway on the other side of the road just a bit south of the main parking lot which leads to the boat ramp. We can now purchase parking passes from a machine at the Boat Ramp near the water. Boat Ramp: Only cars with boats or handicapped tags are supposed to use the limited boat ramp parking. Be nice to the rangers, most of whom will react by being quite nice. Though a few are very "by the book" grumpy types. The rangers announce the boat ramp will be closing usually 20 to 30 minutes before it closes. The rangers close both the boat ramp parking lot and the in-gate for main parking half an hour before the main parking lot's out-gate closes. Beach Bathhouse: There are also larger bathroom/changing facilities at the main beach, a short walk from the boat ramp, though with more limited days and hours. We usually practice here: An initial pod of kayaks usually launches between 5:00pm and 5:30pm. If you get there late, no problem, just paddle to the other end of the pond from the boat ramp where you will usually find us practicing out of sight from the boat ramp but within sight of “We usually practice here.” There is no leader, but I hope to be a Walden Pond regular again this year. I also hope to see lots of new and old faces this year! -Bill Voss Links: My custom Walden map. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1u17Eky1Igua-v4LJRREH0pxbWM0&ll=42.439244671799266%2C-71.33892774999998&z=16 Latest Walden news including closings and time changes https://twitter.com/waldenpondstate Plan-B put-in 5B Plainfield Rd, Concord, MA 01742, park Willard Elementary School https://www.google.com/maps/dir/42.430538,-71.381973/42.429502,-71.3860339/@42.4296506,-71.3862034,861m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0?hl=en When we eat out afterwards, it is usually at Comella’s https://www.google.com/maps/place/Comella's/@42.4598123,-71.3519268,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x405c6f6c775def23:0x19ed21bd8b0df94e!8m2!3d42.4598123!4d-71.3497381?hl=en AMC Boston Pond Socials and Pool Rolling http://amcbostonpaddlers.org/pondsocials-poolrolling Parking: Senior ParksPass https://www.mass.gov/how-to/get-a-senior-parkspass Borrow a ParksPass https://www.mass.gov/service-details/find-where-you-can-borrow-a-parkspass Annual ParksPasses https://www.reserveamerica.com/showPage.do?name=common&commonPath=/htm/MA_DCRParkPasses.html Walden Pond info, including day pass info. https://www.mass.gov/locations/walden-pond-state-reservation
  20. Walden Wednesdays are coming to an end for 2017. Weather permitting I believe the consensus is that September 27th will be the last Walden Wednesday for the year. I currently hope to arrive around 4pm. Note that as of September 20th the water temperature was 71 degrees, and the park was closing at 6:30pm meaning we get off the water around 6pm.
  21. Anyone want to come out and play this Wednesday? I would like to arrive around 4pm. Note that Walden is closing at 6:30pm these days, which means getting off the water around 6pm. The National Weather Service is also currently predicting "Showers likely, mainly before 2pm," but is NOT predicting thunder. Since I expect to get wet anyway, I consider the chance of showers to be a minor inconvenience.
  22. I plan to arrive around 4pm if someone else posts they will join me. Forecast looks warm.
  23. You don't need me to have a good time at Walden. Which is a good thing, because I'll be in Maine this week. Have fun!
  24. I expect to arrive around 4pm this Wednesday for the final Walden session on the calendar for 2017. Last week the water temperature was 78 degrees according to The Walrus. However, with the cooler air temperatures predicted this week some form of thermal protection is now recommended for comfort. Concord public schools resume this Wednesday. That combined with the cooler air temperature forecast makes a closing unlikely. However just in case, plan B for this week remains Whites Pond (See the Walden Wednesday Plan-B options Discussion Thread for Whites Pond logistical details). Basically if you don't get a space marked for car-top boats, park at the school. Definitely do NOT park in the private beach club's upper parking. While I am very open to continuing Walden sessions into September on a week-by-week basis, I will be in Maine next week, arriving home late the following Tuesday. So others will need to step up and organize next week, and perhaps announce the following week as well.
  25. As of Sunday there is a chance rain will cancel this week's rolling practice. If weather permits, I'll again plan to arrive around 4pm assuming someone else posts they want to join me. Last week's plan B diversion to Whites Pond was very successful (See the Walden Wednesday Plan-B options Discussion Thread for Whites Pond logistical details). We had a good turnout, and it was easy for some people to arrive later than others. In my case I even paddled White-Water this Saturday and Sunday because of paddlers I met on Whites Pond last Wednesday. So in the rather unlikely event that Walden closes but we are not rained out, I'm definitely heading to Whites Pond again this week. However, I still hope to enjoy Walden's waters. If you haven't attended before, see the NSPN Calendar Entry for other useful details.
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