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Found 5 results

  1. If the weather forecast holds, around 5pm I'm expecting to practice with a rolling friend who hasn't been to Walden recently. Everyone is welcome to join us. -Bill I might also be working with a white-water rolling student before hand.
  2. Assuming the weather cooperates, I expect to work with a white water student until around 5pm, then join any NSPN participants who show up. As far as I can tell the DCR universal access program will not be reserving boat ramp parking next week, so returning the NSPN Walden event to Tuesdays.
  3. Meeting Wednesday instead of Tuesday this week because we expect the DCR Universal Access program to reserve most of the boat ramp parking on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed on the weather. Weather permitting, I should be finishing up with a former white water rolling student around 5pm, after which I'll join whom ever decides to show up from NSPN.
  4. I expect to be at Walden this Wednesday. I should be finishing up with a former white water rolling student around 5pm, at which time I'll join who ever decides to show up from NSPN. We will probably be meeting at Walden on Wednesday next week as well because Walden is hosting a large group on Tuesday, before returning to the Tuesday schedule. -Bill
  5. I haven’t wet my paddle since September 12th, 2018. This coming Tuesday I hope to wet my paddle, kayak, and head with Walden Pond water. Afterwards I hope to enjoy dinner with friends at Comella’s. I’m not leading anything for NSPN or AMC at this time. However, I do want to show up to see old and new friends, and I am willing to sign an NSPN waiver as a participant if someone else brings the waiver. For those unaware, I’ve been out with a back injury. I’m certainly not entirely recovered, but I do now have medical clearance to resume all activities.
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