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Found 1 result

  1. Skip report; go straight to SLIDESHOW Because I had thoroughly enjoyed my trip around the island many years ago, with all the challenges and uncertainties of a solo trip, I invited Cath and Kyle, who had never done this trip before, to join me. We would use the tides to our advantage on this clockwise circumnavigation of Sebascodegan island in Harpswell, and hope for light winds on the downriver leg. We gathered at 0845 at Bethel point, a convenient public all-tides ramp with $6/car all-day parking at the nearby boatyard. Shockingly militarized sheriff deputies arrived at the launch, looking for a fugitive? No-only enforcing local town ordinances with the newly-arrived clammers. Our start was slightly stalled by confusion of the surrounding land forms, finally resolved by the realization that we were relying on different launch locations on the chart. Later in the day, a so–called “experienced“ navigator found themselves “at sea“ for a similar reason. How can you navigate your surroundings if you don't know where you are? We worked our way southwesterly towards Gun Point, opposing the tide and light breeze, which accounted for the ~2kn speed. Once around the corner, we bee-lined to the Orrs Island bridge, averaging 3kn. Our pace increased further at the far reaches of broad Harpswell Sound. We stopped for a short break on the eastern side of Doughty Point, as recommended, without locating an established landing zone. Post-stretch, we paddled through some riffly water as we entered the midpoint of Long Reach. On to Gurnet Strait, which was pushing very lazily westward, not long before Cundy HT(1341). Unbeknownst to me, Kyle enjoys the reputation of “a man about town“; for the second day in a row he encountered an acquaintance, a family friend, at a dock beyond the bridge. I established my own connection to the stranger, both aware of a family in the Maine town where I grew up, many years ago. Thereafter, and within sight, a scrumptious lunch of you-know-what on the rocky outcroppings of Indian Point, with a delicious panoramic view of islands, coves, rivers, and bays, under blue and bright-sunny skies. Post-repast, a time of reckoning what Mother Nature had in store for us. An outgoing tide with a 10kn southerly breeze materialized, with chop, so we agreed to try to locate any lee on our southbound leg. Not so much through the inner passage of Long Island, more tolerable as we proceeded south. We short-paused at NW Sheep island shore, where an old sailboat and adjacent gangway were nestled, evidently partners in a misadventure that had occurred some time ago. We hugged the shoreline into busy Cundy Harbor, boats unloading their catch of the day, residents gutting a striper, and various repair/construction jobs along and above the shore. Once back into the River, we met the busiest chop of the day, as expected, and we slowpoked to W. Cundy Point, before our last, leisurely ride to NE Yarmouth island, where a fantastical, peaceful, cove was encountered, then back to the launch (17.5M, 8.5h). Before departing, we discussed the next day’s trip (CW Middle Bay from Dolphin Marina; did not materialize on account of an ominous forecast). Link to track HERE Reflections: This is an easy day trip with light winds and tide assist. This route could be extended, and slowed down, camping at one or more of the many MITA islands in the area. The prospect of doing multiple, back-to-back day trips is enticing, especially if staying at a conveniently–located campground (https://www.thomaspointbeach.com)
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