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Found 1 result

  1. Everyone has the best ideas for tricking out their cockpits: I'll share mine. The school bus is 17 years old, and seen a lot of coastline and customizations. I removed the original footpegs in favor of some closedcell foam pads against the bulkhead. No ordinary foam, 2 YMCA kiddie swim aids @$5 each, back-to-back, surrounded by homemade elastic straps (bike inner tube material). The pads just happen to fit snugly against the bulkhead, without trimming. The pad setup doubles as a secondary paddle float. A solid pool noodle serves as a heel support, and this is cut such that the ends meet up snugly with the bottom of the footpeg track. This is replaced every year because of degradation. Be sure to carry an extra in your trunk, as they have been known to disappear at highway speeds if you don't use a cockpit cover. After burning through the heels of my neoprene socks, I tried to find a low-friction pad where my heels "travel." Originally, thick but pliable plastic rectangles were used (roll-up cutting sheets, plastic note binder covers, or the like. I currently use a piece of soft vinyl flooring material. Four D-ring pads (one is not stainless-the black sheep!) are secured to the floor with marine epoxy, and serve as anchor points for a 6L dromedary. Left picture below is shown without bungee cord, as I only add bungee on safari with dromedary. I know of a paddler who reported getting tangled in that web during self-rescue practice! My pump is secured under the cockpit roof, the end near me with (epoxied) velcro strap, and the distal part (pump handle) resting atop the pads. Lastly, in lieu of a back-band, I use a paddle float filled to a comfortable degree, ready to deploy when needed. Sponge and kayak carrying straps are tucked aft of the float. Aside from foaming out a seat, what are some of your customized features/fittings?
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