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Found 1 result

  1. Winter cabin fever and the pause of sap flow prompts me to add another in the series "where in Maine?", with a little eye candy to get us excited to soon be on the water again. I'll add answers later, after people have had a go at it. 1. Fall is a great time to visit here, and the water is waaaay less salty! Careful how you pronounce it if you’re “from away!” 2. I camped here on the NE end; other NSPNers have camped on a different site on this island, and had a ________fall on them. 3. In the midst of a popular cruising anchorage off a big offshore island. 4. This amoeboid island is a fav in the arguably #1 sea kayaking destination in Maine, and perhaps the East Coast. 5. I camped here on the largest uninhabited island on the eastern seaboard many years ago, before tent platforms were erected. 6. Everyone knows this one, and anyone who hasn’t joined us, sign up for the trip in May, but don't expect the once-famous pot-luck smorgasbord! 7. Lower on the trail (?Upwest) where the tide may leave you high and dry on this and many of the surrounding islands. 8. A difficult, rocky landing on this sparsely-treed nubbin, E of Great, and S of Little. 9. Camped here with the boys a coupla times. Ninety percent of this ~2.2 mile-long island is NWR. 10. We were looking forward to a warm, comfy room at the tony, offshore hotel, but they took one look at us and decided we’d be better off sleeping outside! 11. The ebb current rips through the narrow E channel off this island, but the rewards are many, including nice N and S landing zones, and abundant tent sites on the pine needle-laden floor. 12. This smaller sister has a cozy 1-tent campsite on the S end. Returned here well after dark, after dropping off Cath @ Knickerkane, following our CW circumnav of Georgetown. 13. Resevations required, though our party (without) had dibs on any of the empty lean-tos in June, until the one couple arrived by mailboat, and opted for Roger’s and my place! The original settlers were not a little unsettled. 14. This tiny island is a popular destination, amidst its bovine, porcine, and ovine neighbors. 15. This is a great island base camp in Western Bay, with an all-tide landing and a few pleasant tent sites. 16. Delayed by thunderstorms as I awaited Independence Day fireworks in Boothbay Harbor, I ended up launching @ 9pm for the ~4M solo paddle in darkness and fog to my base camp, for nite #1 of 2, GPS as back-up. 17. In the middle of NOWHERE, and named after Maine’s most famous crustacean, I met a canoe-load of four, one of whom knew my mother!! Abundant black flies and mossies in SEPTEMBER! This site at ________ is off ________ river, traveled and written about in Thoreau’s The Maine Woods. 18. One of NSPN's 2 islands adopted for stewardship. 19. On the "trail"; 2.3M and 287.7°M from this waypoint: 44°07.313', -68°22.534' 20. Annual car camping destination, with gorgeous offshore archipelago. 21. In the middle of Muscongus years ago, solo, and look who hasn't tethered his boat for the night, who would pay dearly for this habitual oversight a few trips later! Bonus tent sites, NOT in Maine: 22. If the phrase “Mother Bunch” means anything to you, you’ll know this island with a southerly-facing cove, nestled easterly of an island named after a camping tool. 23. Paddle the Bold Coast and keep on going. This quaint island lies near a marine farm, and a drone above my tent site shoots a bearing of 188.5°M to Head Harbour Light. 24. This now “annual” offers fine camping and hiking, shown in the first photo at 270.5°M, from the top of this tower on _______Hill.
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