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Found 11 results

  1. Be ready for the unexpected! Sea states can change quickly. Revisit old techniques and learn new ones during this intensive one-day training. Learn to handle situations in dynamic ocean conditions when things are going less than perfect. This class takes your flat water rescues and brings them into rough water. Paddlers can get themselves into tricky predicaments. Boats and gear can become damaged. How do you respond quickly and effectively to these incidents?The first step towards learning how best to deal with these eventualities is to train for them. Rock, Paddle, Surf strongly believes in the mantra that “practice makes permanent” so the more you have correctly practiced the appropriate techniques, the more ingrained they become and more easily accessible when required. The course will cover rough water scenarios, medical emergency scenarios, weather, communications, tricky landings, on water gear / boat repairs, navigation, towing and much more. It has been designed for anyone with some training in rescue techniques although a kayak roll is not needed. It is recommended for all paddlers, whether or not they lead others in the marine environment. Things to note: It will be June. It will be Maine. It will be the ocean. It will be cold water. Dress for immersion as we will be in the water. You must bring a water-sports approved helmet, a tow system, and any gear that you would normally have with you while paddling. Bring your ideas! Cost for the 1 day course: Rock, Paddle, Surf is committed to supporting the maintaining of high standards of professional training for working Maine sea kayak guides and instructors. To this end, Rock, Paddle, Surf offers this course at the discounted price of $35 for members of MASKGI. Non-members $140. To register: Please call 207-939-6045 or email [email protected]
  2. Kayak Waveology is running a British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader training (4* Sea Leader) in the Eastern Connecticut / Southern Rhode Island area next weekend. This is a two day course (May 13-14th). There are a couple spots left. Pre-reqs should be British Canoe 3 Star Sea and Coastal Nav. For more information please click here.
  3. Newbury Kayak and Canoe will be hosting Greg Paquin from Kayak Waveology leading this all on-land class April 22nd. Details and registration at www.newburykayak.com. This course is designed for those paddlers carrying out coastal journeys including islands up to 2 nautical miles offshore in areas of tidal movement up to 2 knots and is a prerequisite for those seeking their British Canoeing 4 Star Sea Leader Award. However, anyone wishing to undertake journeys on the sea using a kayak would find the technical and theoretical aspects not only useful, but essential for safe travel in the marine environment! This course is designed to complement the areas covered in the British Canoeing 4 Star Leader Training. Course aims The aim of this course is to give the student the tools to enable them to plan and navigate effectively on coastal journeys in moderate sea conditions. This will include the following aspects: To interpret sources of information including maps, charts, coastal pilots and tide tables To navigate on the water using visual references and simple pilotage techniques e.g. transits and dead reckoning Effective use of a compass To be able to source, interpret and apply weather information to the coastal environment By the end of the course each student should have planned at least 2 coastal journeys that they can take home as references for further trip planning To be aware of the range of resources required to plan trips in the coastal environment Students should be made aware of the role of the Coastguard and the value of liaising with them. The current syllabus and guidance notes for the BCU 4 Star Leader award can be found on the PNA and BC UK web sites. The BC current syllabus and guidance notes can be found on the Paddle Sports North America web site www.paddlesportsnorthamerica.org Leader: Greg Paquin, UKCC L3 Coach with BCU AWE ( Advanced Water Endorsement).
  4. Greg and Paula from Kayak Waveology will be at Newbury Kayak and Canoe to run a BCU 3 Star Assessment and long boat surfing workshop. Come learn new skills, test your existing skills and have a great day in the surf. Visit www.newburykayak.com or call 978-465-0312 for details or to sign up, or visit www.kayakwaveology.com. Greg Paquin and Paula Riegel, coaches.
  5. There will be a Rough Water and Surf Skill class with Greg Paquin and Paula Riegel of Kayak Waveology on July 2nd, organized by Newbury Kayak and Canoe. On July 3rd the shop will host a BCU 3 Star training coached by Greg and Paula. For more information or to sign up visit newburykayak.com or call the shop at 978-465-0312.
  6. Thursday, June 9 – Sunday, June 12, 2016 Join Maine Island Kayak Co on Peaks Island, Maine for these special offerings of BCU courses with guest coach Greg Paquin of Kayak Waveology. Day 1: Skills Primer. A fun coaching day that takes advantage of the dynamic sea conditions and varied coastline surrounding Peaks Island. Day 2: BCU 3 Star Sea Assessment. This Assessment can be taken for its training value with prior approval by the Coach. Days 3 and 4: BCU 4 Star Sea Training. Two solid days of intensive training in paddling skills, leadership, safety and rescue for those who work in the sea kayaking industry, operate in groups, or take friends out on the sea. View the full descriptions of courses. You may register for each course individually or join us for the entire weekend. Cost is $150 per day. Call or text us at 207.939.6045, or send an email to [email protected]
  7. BCU trainings at Newbury Kayak and Canoe are rapidly approaching. 2 Star is June 4th with assessment July 2nd. 3 Star is July 3rd with assessment August 26th. All are with Greg Paquin and Paula Riegel. Sign up at Newburykayak.com or call the shop at 978-465-0312.
  8. Newbury Kayak and Canoe's summer lessons are posted and available for registration. Introduction to Sea Kayaking, Strokes and Navigation classes with Bob Levine are scheduled and ready for sign ups. And this year we will be holding BCU 2 Star and 3 Star training and assessment with Greg Paquin and Paula Riegel, also available for signing up. Visit www.newburykayak.com for details.
  9. Hello All – Even though it still feels like summer out there, the 7th Annual Autumn Gales is right around the corner. We have quite a line of up coaches and courses happening. Check out the website here for all the info and how to register. Prior to the Autumn Gales main event on Oct 30 – Nov 1st, there are a number of British Canoeing trainings and assessments: Coastal Navigation (Oct 28th)Open Water Nav (Oct 28th)4 Star Training (Oct 29-30th)4 Star Assessment (Oct 29-30th)5 Star Training (Oct 29-30th) And new this year, we are offering the ACA Level 5 ICE October 28th – Oct 30th The Autumn Gales main event features a variety of classes including advanced boat handling skills in conditions, tide race courses and incident management. For coaches, Nigel Dennis, Eila Wilkinson, and Phil Clegg are back this year. Peter Jones, who couldn’t make last year, is also back. We also have some new faces to the Gales – Keirron from the Isle of Man and Dale Williams from Georgia. And, of course, our rough water local guides will be there to help. It’s sure to be a rocking time so hope to see you there! Peace & Cheers, Paula & Greg
  10. Congratulations are due to Prudence who as of this past weekend has attained the BCU 3* level! 'Apparently, she didn't even know she was being assessed (thought it was a class?) and and the end, John said congratulations, he's submitting the paperwork for her 3 star! Yeay Prudence!!
  11. Wondering if folks have opinions on ACA or BCU for the following: Individual training and certificationLeader/Instructor training and certificationWhy might a person choose one over the other? Thanks! Cathy
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