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  1. We are NaviTour, a one-stop platform connecting travelers to authentic and exciting experiences delivered by local experts who enjoy sharing all Maine has to offer. We have experiences on everything from craft beer and food to art and history to hiking and sea kayaking!

    If you are a Registered Maine Guide or willing to become one you can lead kayaking tours and be paid to do so. 

    If this is something that sounds interesting to you check out our website at NaviTour.com, shoot us an email at [email protected], or give us a call at (207) 200-5149

    MTA Graphic.png

  2. During our 3-hour sea kayak paddle on Mere Point Bay we will possibly see bald eagles, great blue herons, osprey, and fish jumping. We will be stopping at a Mere Point Oyster Company's  oyster farm string to learn about oyster farming in Maine. Your Master Maine Guide Alice will be picking up oysters right from the bay for you to sample later.
    We'll stop after visiting the oyster farm on an island for an oyster sampling and snacks that you brought. You will have a chance to shuck your own oyster after a short lesson. Oyster sauces will include lemon juice, chipotle Tabasco sauce and Alice's Maine Blueberry Mignonette sauce. Our route will be determined by the tide and we paddle at the speed of the slowest sea kayak at the moment. You must wear quick dry clothing (no cotton) and shoes that completely cover your feet and attach to your feet that will get wet. Bring your own snacks, water, sunscreen, and fun attitude!

    Appropriate for beginners, young and older. We'll practice paddling strokes and paddle in a safe tight "pod" while on our trip. Single and tandem sea kayaks will be used at the discretion of Master Maine Guide, Alice.

    Book Here!!!

  3. NaviTour is seeking Maine Tour Guides and Experience Providers to join our growing network. 

    Who we are: NaviTour is a growing Maine based, employee centric, tourism technology company. NaviTour has an all-inclusive Online Platform connecting travelers (and non-travelers) to Local Tour Guides who can offer destination expertise, cultural education, unique adventures, and sightseeing opportunities. NaviTour will be the Go-To Platform for travelers and locals looking for something to do when traveling to a destination or even exploring in their own backyard.

     Mission:  The NaviTour mission is to provide high paying opportunities to local people that allow them to share their wisdom, passion, favorite places, and knowledge about topics and activities that are meaningful to them and others.

    By offering the tour guides and experience providers with local support, higher pay and the tools to do their job more efficiently, we will create a more diverse network and increase Maine’s year-round tourism.


    ·         more customers

    ·         more freedom

    ·         more money

    ·         more inclusivity

    ·         more training & support if desired

    1. We assign each guide with an Account Manager who helps them design their tour, market it and hit their financial and professional goals. 

    2. The NaviTour platform will allow for more time spent guiding and less time with administrative tasks.

    3. Each guide and tour participant will have a profile that helps them get to know each other, prior to the tour, which will enhance the overall experience and result in better reviews, higher tips and repeat business. 


    • You are a professional tour guide with certifications in your field or are a tour operator/outfitter Guide;

    • Passionate & knowledge of the local area, or expertise in an activity, in which you are guiding;

    • Have strong communication skills;

    • Access to a smartphone or computer;

    • Have a customer service attitude;

    • Have an ability to be on time and adhere to your tour schedule

    Professional guide experience helpful but not required

    What makes NaviTour unique from all other tour companies, referral sites and platforms? 

    • Our all-in-one platform directly connecting you and the travelers 

    • Trusted community

    • Inclusive culture

    • Continuous support

    • Worldwide network

    For more information and to apply go to www.navitour.com and click “Sign up” today! Then request to be a guide in the dropdown menu.

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