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  1. I’ve purchased a 10’ sea surfing kayak, cobra - is there any one currently learning surf kayakIng- I m year round enthusiast- dry suit, southern maine!
  2. Very interested, I would need to borrow dry suit and spray skirt, and this week buy footware ( Kittery trading post? or your suggestions?)
  3. Unfortunately I have to cancel for Sunday Sep 25, thank you.
  4. I plan on attending! would anybody have a spray skirt for lending? I have a Cetus LV. I believe a standard small spray skirt should work. Many many many thanks in advance!!
  5. I’m interested, Oct 1 may not work as I’ll be camping that weekend.Please keep me posted on the date and time! Thank you! Suzanne
  6. I am interested in learning more, and flexible most weekends!
  7. I’m a few weeks new to NSPN and am working on building skills, but am still in need of a LV kayak for this Sunday’s Session. Please let me know if anyone attending would happen to have an extra vessel to lend for the event. Many, many thanks in advance for your consideration!
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