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  1. I’m in and soooo excited!! Best time ever for me last year!! Thanks Gary!
  2. Hey friends! I am signed up for this Saturday, Jan. 14th and can't make it. Anyone want to take my place? Happy to gift or you can buy me a beer after a paddle. Barb
  3. Sounds terrific! Thanks Jim and Cath and David for your recommendations. I'm checking it out. Barb
  4. I'm out. Exposed to 🤬 covid and don't want to potentially expose my buddies. Have a terrific end-of-the-year paddle! ♥️
  5. This is really helpful! Thanks for sharing Fred. See ya out there!
  6. Thanks so much for planning this paddle Prudence!! It was just what I needed and the best day of many- being out with some of my favorite people on the ocean that we all feel at home on!
  7. Nuts. I'm needed closer to home tomorrow so won't be joining you after all. I know you will have a terrific paddle! I will remove my name from the float plan. Thanks again for planning and posting Jim.
  8. Thanks David! Done. Best buy for $1! (NPS pass). Looking forward to seeing you, Jim, Karen and Sandra in the morning.
  9. Thank you so much for sharing this detailed, informative and entertaining trip report Joe. What a wonderful idea and opportunity to have a kayaking geology educator, Dyke, come to explain how these incredible "petrified wood appearing" and other formations, came to be! Fascinating! And, a challenging adventure too boot!
  10. I'm signing up now! Thanks Jim! Love that the tides will likely make our launch and landing sans the usual quickgoop! You timed that perfectly last time too. YAY!
  11. Would be so beautiful!! I would love to paddle with you and have never paddled Squam Lake- not sure I've been there. It's about 2 1/2 hrs. from me. I'm still "re-entering" from our trip however, what would your plan be for times and locations Prudence?
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