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  1. Thanks so much for your terrific, tried and true instructions Dan. With them and your and Paul's encouragement my boats are now done too! I will do the water test this week to be sure. I did spend many hours trying to remove as best I can the mess of silicone from previous sealing attempts that was really all over the place. THAT was truly the hardest part and from what I've learned I'll never ever use silicone to seal anything again if it may need to be re-sealed in the future since nothing sticks to silicone including silicone. Never knew this! Have a GREAT paddling adventure this week and hope to meet up with you sometime soon on the water!
  2. Time to properly reseal the bulkheads on my plastic Tempest. Does anyone know who does such repairs? I will check the kayak shops but wondering if anyone in our group has had experience and can offer recommendations. Thanks!
  3. Terrific, detailed account of our fun and (for me) thrilling adventure. I'm a better paddler for having paddled with you and new paddling buddies. Thanks Joe!
  4. My first time paddling with the NSPN, Joe, Sue, Ben, Joyce and Jody and this was my VERY FAVORITE "GENUINE OCEAN PADDLING" EVER!! I'll be looking forward to joining you again asap! Thanks for the great planning Joe and for being such an excellent and patient mentor and coach! I went to sleep last night thinking, "just keep paddling- all will be well".
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