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  1. Thanks Prudence. Looking forward to when the weather Gods are appeased and fun adventures ahead.
  2. Great idea! I won't be in town otherwise I'd sure join you. I know you'll have another terrific time!
  3. I had not thought of a shorter tunnel and this IS a GREAT IDEA!! I'll be curious to see what you learn.
  4. And thanks so much for bringing the helmet for me to try Prudence!
  5. Do you have to be a member to join this paddle? I've a friend who paddles all the Boston Harbor islands, the entire east coast, newfoundland- like you Prudence and David- everywhere! Bea Ellis, who I just saw on FB I could ask to join if it fits. Probably too late but just wondering. No stress.
  6. Hi! I'm all packed and excited just to see you tomorrow and get on the salt water. Just wondering, if either of you have any helmets that I can just try on to see if there is a good fit- could you bring them please? no stress. I just need a helmet and haven't found one that feels good. Thanks! See you in the morning!
  7. Sounds great! Is this the "Little Mystic" boat ramp?
  8. OMGoodness this sounds SO FABULOUS, and way above my skill level. But how I'd LOVE to be able to watch you from a drone!!!
  9. Sorry to have to drop out. We are doing our Thanksgiving then w loved ones who are working on Thursday. Have fun friends! Im sure grateful to have you to paddle, learn and have fun with!
  10. Hi Sue! I also have the Malone Microsport and LOVE it!!! I've carried 3 even 4 boats mostly to river and lake paddles. Soooo easy to load and unload! It's super sturdy too! I had two huge trees fall on it and pound it into the ground in our yard 2 years ago. Tree guys dug it out. It's fine! So I highly recommend. I ordered the parts, laid them out in the driveway put it together myself (took a week but was doable for a first timer.) It has a nice, sturdy cargo box too! However, the big con: now that I'm paddling with NSPN along the coast where parking is a challenge even with boats on the roof, many of the paddles have limited parking so a trailer is often not welcomed. I put my boat on the roof then. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.
  11. Great wrote up Joe! My heartfelt thanks to you and our greatly missed Janet for planning this adventure. This was one of the best times ever for me! Loved (almost) every minute!☺️ The beauty of the area, the peace and quiet, the full moon over the ocean and islands was magical!! And the exploring turns out to be one of my favorite things now to do! man’s the challenge was really perfect for me. So grateful for the experienced consensus of the group and the terrific camaraderie! That was a challenging return to our campsite after a wonderful day of discovery and beauty! But I am so happy that we did it! I remember with about a mile to go, and that was the hardest paddle I’d ever done, on our way back to our island home, I felt that I was paddling in desperation for survival and you paddled so easily up beside me and said, “I haven’t seen you lose your sense of humor yet Barb”! 🤣 Just what I needed to keep me going and stop all the swearing that was accompanying the self talk and playing of songs to keep paddling to, that was going on in my head. You are such an excellent coach along w terrific adventuring friend! I’m so delighted and grateful! Also thanks to my new also favorite adventuring buddies, Beth and Cora and my dear longtime friend, Jody, who got me into this fantastic group and also was our chef and “here’s how I do it” coach on how to do this camping with all of the stuff out of a kayak! I’m hooked now and will be working on purchasing all the stuff I need to do this as often as possible- when the winds lessen up thar! Looking forward to more adventures with you all!!
  12. Prudence, my Women's Odyssey GORE-TEX Pro Dry Suit just arrived! I'm so excited! What do you do about the neck actually strangling you tho? Do you trim the gasket?
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