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  1. This sounds like a great day and I’m sad to miss it. I have always wanted to paddle there. Be sure to bring your bird ID chart and have fun!!
  2. Lots of good pictures! Kudos to Dan for managing two activities on the same day. Looked like a fun ride!
  3. Hi, I'm definitely interested in camping at Jewell Island, and I think there was room when I RSVP'd. I'm a backpacker and camper from way back, and have some experience with kayak camping. Thanks so much for organizing this. Looking forward to it! Jody Harris
  4. Hi Janet, I’m looking forward to joining you on this trip. I have backpacking experience and some kayak camping experience. I should have enough equipment as well. Happy to do anything you need to help with trip planning, shopping, packing, etc.
  5. Thanks again everyone, for a great day on the water! I probably took too many pictures, and another “tourist” sent pictures of us in our boats. Let me know if you would like any of the pictures emailed or texted to you.
  6. Hi Joe, Spectacular WLP yesterday! Thank you for organizing, plus all other supporting paddlers...
  7. Thank you for a great morning of paddling with a strokes clinic thrown in. Our small group was friendly and welcoming AND I learned a lot! Thanks to the organizers and leaders.
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