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  1. Sorry I had to miss this. Looks like you all had a fantastic time!
  2. I agree! Thanks to Joe and Bob for running many WLP adventures this summer.
  3. Thanks for posting Janet. I’ll be there!
  4. I’ll see you at the launch, but not with a kayak! Hope you have a fun day.
  5. Hi Jim, I would love to join you on Sunday!
  6. Super fun day playing around rocks and in waves. Seeing my kids was a nice surprise!! Thanks to everyone for a great day.
  7. I’m interested in going as well, thanks!
  8. I’d be willing to help as well. I have a 14’ plastic Necky with spray skirt to loan.
  9. Same here, as I’ll also paddle with you on Wednesday.
  10. This was a fantastic and cooling 😉 way to spend a hot day. Many thanks to all of our facilitators!
  11. Prudence, https://thacherisland.org/visit-us/ Groups larger than 5 boats must call the keepers in advance with their expected arrival time. A $5 landing fee is required for each person arriving by kayak. The islands close to the public at 5pm. Would you like me to call? If we launch at 10 what time would we expect to be there? This was also good info: All persons over 14 will be charged a $5 fee to land on either Thacher Island or Straitsmouth Island. Landing fees will be payable in the form of cash, check, Venmo or credit card to the keeper on duty on the boat ramp. Fee waiver: The landing fee is waived for all passengers who arrive at either island on the Thacher Island launch, or for those arriving by kayak or private boat with proof that they are Rockport residents, paid-up Thacher Island Association members, Mass Audubon members, holders of National Park Service America the Beautiful passes, or holders of a valid Federal Duck Stamp.
  12. Hi Prudence, Count me in. I LOVE Thatcher and have never landed on Straitsmouth. Sounds like fun! Thanks for organizing. Jody
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