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  1. Following! Interested but will depend on timing vs visiting family schedules TBD.
  2. Hey I'm sorry to have missed this, will monitor NSPN calendar in the future! Great to find a bunch of people doing this kind of training.
  3. Quick note it’s not a great longboat day here — steep faces breaking pretty close to shore and very crowded where it’s good, about 18 people on boards in the water, not much happening at the edge of the break
  4. Anyone interested in surfing tomorrow AM (Wednesday)? There’s good swell at Nahant (and everywhere) 3’@13s, 29 degrees, offshore-ish wind 15 gusting to 25, water temp 52, low tide 8am I was thinking start around 7. I am not a guide and cannot assess anyone else’s gear or ability to do this, just would love to paddle tomorrow and would be happier if I could put a small group together. Apologies if I’m not following any trip planning protocol I’m erring on the side of posting this ASAP happy to correct this as instructed.
  5. Hope to make a couple of these this summer. Thanks for organizing
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