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  1. Was just there today scouting wo kayak. I read somewhere your can drive down and drop your gear then go back and park. The parking spot that would be closest to the launch had been blocked with a pile of dead brush. The access doesn't look wheel friendly so be prepared to carry your boat though a little bit of woods and down some weathered bedrock.
  2. Well that stinks! Just got my Fathom from them. What about the kayak launch - will that still be available? Tim
  3. I'm going to try to make it, I need to get practice with the new boat.
  4. This is an old thread, but though I'd chime in anyhow. On my car, the hullavator doesn't cause any issues with side clearance - it protrudes from the side less than the side view mirror. They are a back saver if you paddle solo. I generally mount it on the passenger side to a) make it easier/safe to load/unload at the curb, b) minimize smacking my head getting in and out, c) boat doesn't block the drivers vision of stoplights. As with any roof rack, I always use front tie-downs. The only downside aside from cost is the extra weight - they are ~18lbs each, which adds to the rack loading. Tim
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I think I will try https://www.onlineseakayaking.com/ for $12/month, the production values of their samples is quite good. I have a good paddle stroke, used to do 25mi flatwater paddles before kid, it's more the surf, rough seas, moving water techniques and rough water rescues I need to work on, which seems to be the forte of those videos. I just upgraded my old Dagger Magellan to an Eddyline Fathom, looking forward to getting back into it. Are there ever pond sessions nearer the Chelmsford area? Thanks! Tim
  6. Hi all, I've been away from NSPN and real sea kayaking for some time (flat water). I'm looking for some good instructional videos to help me brush up and improve my skill set. Are there any recommended kayak skill online instruction videos? I found this site which seems very good but a bit expensive: https://www.onlineseakayaking.com/ There's a lot of bits of stuff on Youtube but it seems very piecemeal and mixed quality. Thanks- Tim
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