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  1. Hi, Does anyone have an Impex Outer Island kayak I can sit in for sizing purposes? Thanks, Ray
  2. Late model 2019 Cetus MV bought new June 2021. Red deck/light grey hull. Silva 70P deck compass. Spray skirts. Stock footpegs. Diolene construction/ 57 lbs. Very good condition some scratches. $3000.00. Ray Allen
  3. Please add me to the wait list. Thanks, Ray
  4. Hi Janet, I'm not feeling well this morning so I won't be paddling today. Ray Allen
  5. Forgive but are meeting at 0900 or actually paddling at 0900?
  6. Hi Janet, I'd to join this trip. See you tomorrow at 09:00. Thanks, Ray
  7. Ji Joe, I'm not going to be able make tomorrow. Take care, Ray
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