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  1. Posting here to gauge interest, details TBD As an antidote to the parades and cookouts, would anyone without such plans like to go out on Memorial Day? L2-L3 trip. I'm inclined towards Boston Harbor, but very open to suggestions based on conditions. High tide 12:19pm. Reply here or PM me to discuss.
  2. I like Dan's suggestion of having the lunch potluck on an island (the adventurous paddlers coming from the North could launch from Winthrop...) Or is it important that the potluck be post paddle, on the mainland? I see advantages to both approaches.
  3. Count me in. I can also vouch for the ease of use of the Little Mystic ramp.
  4. Does anyone else here paddle a wooden boat, or anything else with hard hatch covers? No critter has yet to succeed in breaching my built in defenses of 3 buckle straps and 6mm plywood to reach my floating grocery store. How about turning boats upside down? Dan-what an ingenious use of the Dutch oven lid!
  5. I took some time to explore the other buildings on the island, namely the exhibits in the fog signal building and former keeper's house, and just generally enjoying the view. Adding some photos here...
  6. I just got back from two nights on Little Chebeague and it was swarming with summer camp groups from Rippleffect. I wonder when they wrap up for the season, and what islands they tend to camp on.
  7. I use this spiral bound set from Maptech-a bunch of charts for modest money and waterproof. Cape Cod Canal to Casco Bay, Maine Waterproof Chartbook https://www.amazon.com/dp/0743611659/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_VPFR9G57J5P0RB05XRYC
  8. Welcome! Keep an eye on the Events section of this forum. Many of us have more than one boat, too. Is the rest of your gear still in transit?
  9. The remaining six of us decided to head to the Brewsters, and were lucky to have just enough water to cross the Great Brewster Spit, making a direct course for Little Brewster for a few lighthouse photos. We then rounded Great Brewster and returned to Lovells for a short break. We considered our options for the channel crossings as before, and with Janet and David as elected navigators we opted to return as we had come, from Nix’s directly back to Deer Is. Light. Joe’s warning about hidden northbound boat traffic in The Narrows was prescient, and a whale watch boat we had failed to spot earlier slowed while nearby as we held our position, seemingly mostly for the curiosity of its passengers. By this point the tide was turning, and we landed back at the Winthrop ramp around 3:30, and loaded our boats just before rain approached from the south.
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