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  1. I would love a “get your roll back” session. That said I can’t make it his week but could the following week.
  2. Thank you Janet for organizing such a fun paddle in my own backyard ("Light dawns on Marblehead"). There is no reason additional Ipswich paddles can not be had. There is a put-in at Eagle Hill Landing and then you can park your car on Jefferies' Neck Road next to the high tide zone. A full description of how to do this is on Paddling.com > Go Paddling > Paddling Map. There is not a residents only requirement for this stretch of road. The trick is to plan your return to the car at high tide because you can paddle right up to it or visa versa. Either way you have a short walk to the car on one end or the other but it's not bad. Anyone can use the gravel ramp at Eagle Hill Landing, you just can't park there.
  3. Sorry to hear that Beth. Strong Wishes for a quick return to health!
  4. Rob, I like it so please count me in for the April 14th Zoom. BTW, nice job tonight!
  5. This is pretty interesting evolution of those islands. It would be great if an area was open for no impact camping.
  6. Count me in too!!! I can't wait to see you all again.
  7. I am in and vote for the Charlestown put-in with Prudence and others. Weather permitting of course.
  8. I am looking forward to this chilly event....
  9. Gary and Dan you are masterful trip report writers! Thank you for walking me back through such a wonderful week of paddling and camaraderie!
  10. White vinegar works extremely well to eat away corrosion on zippers or other aluminum hardware, like those buckles behind some kayak seats. YOu end up with a "like new" part and no downside that I have found.
  11. Sounds like a great trip Gary. Thank you for sharing all your photos and notes!
  12. I am an Ipswich resident and can confirm Pavilion is for Residents Only on Weekends this year. However, you can put in at Eagle Hill and park on Jefferies Neck Road. At high tide you can paddle up to Jefferies Neck Rd to put-in or take-out. I have posted a full description of this process on the www.paddling.com website > Go Paddling > Paddling Locations Map Then zoom into Eagle Hill before you get to Great Neck on the left on Jefferies Neck Rd. My screen name is "Fishingman" and the post is from 10 years ago but it still is accurate.
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