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  1. I think both topics would be interesting. It might be beneficial to get together and review/learn how to program and use our radios. It seems from talking to some folks they really do not have a great handle on programing, monitoring various channels, which channels are best for kayak to kayak coms, proper protocols, etc. We could go for a paddle afterwards to round out the exercise. Full disclosure; after the last Jewell trip I reread my radio manual and made sure I was more of a master of my radio and it felt pretty good to do so.
  2. This sounds like a great idea. I'm in for Thursday evening!
  3. Yes, I am positive on the "any tide" at Eagle Hill. Parking is addressed in the post above and on the paddling.com app post in detail.
  4. I am an Ipswich resident. The town has stated Pavilion Beach will be residents only on weekends this summer but open to all mid-week. A great alternative to Pavilion is to launch at Eagle Hill landing (on any tide) and park your car over on Jefferies Neck Road next to the water (Eagle Hill Creek). If you time it right you can put in or pull out on Jefferies Neck Rd. when the tide is high and then use Eagle Hill landing for the other end of your trip. I posted a good description on the paddling.net app for this location back in 2011, see "Eagle Hill Creek", post by Fishingman in the Go Paddling App or on the paddling.com website under "Go Paddle > Paddling Locations Map". I do not believe there is any restriction for non-residents to park on Jefferies Neck Rd or put-in / Pull-out at Eagle Hill Landing.
  5. I have never run into this issue. On the other hand, Captcha" is like tying your shoes, it takes very little effort and it keeps you from falling into trouble.
  6. Hi Heather, I have enjoyed my Valley Nordkapp Jubilee (circa 2006) for this purpose for many years. It is roughly 18' x 21", very comfortable with good initial stability and a little lower secondary stability. There is an LV version of the Nordkapp you might like to try out. Note, there have been several versions of the Nordkapp over it's 40+ year history and they can be quite different in their handling based on configuration of the skeg and hull design I have read. Here are a couple of good reference links for you to explore. https://www.valleyseakayaks.com/our-kayaks/classic-models/nordkapp https://seakayakphoto.blogspot.com/2007/01/valley-nordkapp-lv-test.html Other club members paddle the LV version of this boat so you might speak to them.
  7. Great shots! Thank you for sharing Prudence
  8. I would love to do this another weekend. It would be great paddle and so beautiful too.
  9. Wow! A new club activity, goat hunting!!!
  10. Sounds like a good time to me! I'm in.
  11. Thank you for sharing this Joe! I found it insightful.
  12. Things have changed for me and I will not be able to make a Wed. paddle this week. Sadly.
  13. It looks like rain in the AM. I would go if it's not a nightmare. How about next week?
  14. Hi All, I voted for October but now feel both is the best answer.! Doug
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