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  1. Things have changed for me and I will not be able to make a Wed. paddle this week. Sadly.
  2. It looks like rain in the AM. I would go if it's not a nightmare. How about next week?
  3. Hi All, I voted for October but now feel both is the best answer.! Doug
  4. Here are a few of the many photos I shot on the Jewell trip. Sorry for the late posting of these. I really enjoyed getting to know folks and paddling together!
  5. Hi Fredrick, My friend Ken and I paddle a lot out of Ipswich, MA. It's about 30 to 40 minutes from Gloucester, depending on the part of town you will be living in. There is a good amount of protected year round paddling in Ipswich on the salt marshes we would be glad to share with you. Reachout to me once you get settled in Gloucester if you would like to join us. Kind regards, Doug Cooke
  6. I am in for this paddle! Thank you Liz!
  7. That is a great tree Liz! It was nice hiking with you as well. Doug
  8. Hi Prudence, I would be glad to paddle with you one day this week. Kind regards, Doug Cooke
  9. I have a small body shop in Rowley that did some paint and gelcoat repair for me and it came out great at a very good price. I can help you get the structure and gel coat like new and then you just have to paint that section. This saves a lot of money. Let me know if you want to talk. I'm a friend of Dana Sigall's and live in Ipswich. I just did both of my kayaks this past spring.
  10. Hey Dana, I have had a fantastic history with Kokatat for 22 years. As stated by others I got a warrantee replacement after my suite failed in its 19th year! Brand new suit, had a wrist gasket blow out last February (in the middle of COVID) I got a replacement gasket overnight, Newbury Kayak repaired it overnight and I was out paddling on Saturday! You just can't beat the quality and service. Footnote, I sent the suit in for pressure testing and they called me to tell me it was a warrantee replacement and to pick a suite out!
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