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  1. My friend has used both of my boats (Delta 15.5 and Walden Paddler 9.5) she states she would like something in between those lengths. I don't think she wants to invest in an expensive kayak rack too. Any suggestions? Thank you, Paulette
  2. Hi All, My friend is interested in purchasing a new or used relatively short, to be used on lakes and protected ocean areas. Suggestions would be appreciated. She is athletic and a strong paddler. Isn't there a Perception (with a single hatch) that is short and relatively light weight? Thanks for your suggestions, Paulette
  3. Hi Ladies, During the last two - three weeks the green heads have not been bad as long as your paddling. Landing on the beach they were worse but as Deb said, season is almost over. If either of you would like to go let me know. I am off some week days and every other weekend. I love spending an entire day there exploring and stopping at the beach for a bit. Paulette
  4. Hi I am looking for someone to paddle the Essex River out to Essex Bay/beach this Friday 8/2 Paulette
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