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  1. Ken

    Full moon Sat., Sept. 14

    Moonrise Sat Oct 12 is around 6:00PM which would allow an earlier start. Sunset is about the same time. -Ken
  2. Ken

    Misery Island

    So is there a paddle out of Lynch tomorrow and if so, what time? -Ken
  3. Ken

    Misery Island

    Thanks for the reply. I live an hour away so I need to decide whether to make the drive fairly early. -Ken
  4. Ken

    Misery Island

    Is that a cancel? -Ken
  5. Ken

    Misery Island

    Do we still have three definites and a few maybes? -Ken
  6. Ken

    Misery Island

    https://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?w0=t&w1=td&w3=sfcwind&w3u=0&w4=sky&w5=pop&w7=rain&w10=swlp&w11=swlm&w12=swlp2&w13=wwh&w14=wvh&AheadHour=0&Submit=Submit&FcstType=graphical&textField1=42.5267&textField2=-70.8692&site=all&unit=0&dd=&bw=&marine=1 The forecast has improved, a bit cool and cloudy but with little chance of rain. I'm still learning a bit about what clothing to wear when. Trying to decide if a polyshirt, 0.5mm neoprene top, or my dry suit would be most comfortable. -K
  7. Ken

    Misery Island

    I'm fairly new to the north shore and would be cool with any route in the 6-10 mile range in up to level 3 conditions. If you pick the lunch site, I could show up by 9:00 AM. Just need to know if you are sticking with Lynch or switching to West Beach. Is this parking lot (above red pin) and beach (left of red pin) for Lynch?
  8. Ken

    Misery Island

    Doesn't West Beach cut the paddling distance by 2/3rds or more?
  9. Ken

    Full moon Sat., Sept. 14

    Try this -- https://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?w0=t&w3=sfcwind&w3u=0&w4=sky&w5=pop&w7=rain&w8=thunder&w9=fog&w10=swlp&w11=swlm&w12=swlp2&w13=wwh&w14=wvh&AheadHour=22&Submit=Submit&FcstType=graphical&textField1=42.5267&textField2=-70.8692&site=all&unit=0&dd=&bw=&marine=1 (You may need to adjust the date/time if you view the link severals after it is posted as it is offset from current time.) It will provide wind, waves, temp, precip chance, sky cover, etc.
  10. Ken

    Misery Island

    The thing I like about the weather.gov forecasts is the hourly weather graphs you can get -- https://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?w0=t&w3=sfcwind&w3u=0&w5=pop&w7=rain&w8=thunder&w9=fog&w10=swlp&w11=swlm&w12=swlp2&w13=wwh&w14=wvh&AheadHour=63&Submit=Submit&FcstType=graphical&textField1=42.5267&textField2=-70.8692&site=all&unit=0&dd=&bw=&marine=1 which provide a good idea of how conditions will developer during a day. I've used them for years for skiing. They only have them for certain locations for marine forecasts but I like that they add waves/swell. Wind doesn't look bad either day. Chance of showers Sat PM.
  11. Ken

    Misery Island

    Total brain-fart on my part. 😂 I was out in the Brewsters outside Boston Harbor a few weeks ago in a NNE wind that was blowing us back in hence SSW would have been offshore. I got the geometry all mixed up in my head. Thanks for setting me straight. -Ken
  12. Ken

    Misery Island

    The thing I noticed about Sat is -- SSW wind 6 to 9 kt increasing to 9 to 12 kt in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 23 kt. A chance of showers. Seas 2 to 3 ft. I would think 2-3ft seas wouldn't put a trip beyond level (I'm starting to really enjoy paddling in waves and swell). Gusts pushing offshore at 23kts would be my concern. But, I never take forecasts to literally until about 48 hours before.
  13. Ken

    Misery Island

    I could probably do either day and since I started the season with the Easter paddle out to Misery Is. it would be fun to do it again. Don't which day would be better. I found this forecast but right now it only goes to Sat -- https://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?textField1=42.5266667&textField2=-70.8691667#.XXeVb5NKgW8 -Ken
  14. I'm interested but might need some more info. Unfortunately, my 59yo knees, despite being able to ski bumps all day, don't really like hiking up and down hills so much any more. A few miles at a mellow pace with maybe a total 600-800' vert gain is all I'd be up for. Would the hikes exceed that? I think I have most of the requisite gear--- dry-suit, 3-season tent, sleeping bag, misc. camping stuff. I probably just need another dry bag or two to pack my stuff. -K
  15. Ken

    Walden August 27th, 2109 (back to Tuesdays)

    Dropping off our son for his freshman year at college on Wednesday so skipping this week. Is this the last week? Does Walden close after Labor Day? -K