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  1. I've read that you never should use any lube at all. When I get home, I rinse out both ends under the outdoor tap and on the button end, push the button a few times while rinsing. It takes 10-15 seconds and since I started doing that, I've never had a problem. Once I figured that out, very low maintenance effort.
  2. https://magicseaweed.com/Devereux-Surf-Report/4792/
  3. Do you know what route is more likely? Not sure which boat I'd bringing on whether it's more surfing or distance. --K
  4. The original Dark Shadows soap opera on TV in the 60s used a building at Salve Regina college down in Newport RI as the Collinwood mansion. Someone is looking for a place to do some sort of film project. This was one suggestion -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horsehead–Marbella -K
  5. I know someone looking for a place that fits the description below. What's killing me is I know of paddled by some place that fits this description but can't place it. Ideas? I am looking for an old, preferably Gothic, mansion on the coast - like, right on the water. Preferably on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Should be dated looking rather than modern-looking. Think late 1800s in appearance. The creepier, the better.
  6. That's likely beyond my level but I'd really love to do a level 3 in that area sometime. -Ken
  7. Parked today at Wilson Park in Kingston RI with my MA plate with no issue. Saw an NJ and an CT plate in the lot also. The most ironic thing is driving down to RI on I95, I saw four or five huge billboards in RI advertising a cannabis store in N. Attleboro MA. -K
  8. Need to cancel today. Have a head cold and I'm dragging and low on energy.
  9. Hey, I just noticed that Devereux is on Magic Seaweed -- https://magicseaweed.com/Devereux-Surf-Report/4792/ 2' 7 seconds out of the east. -K
  10. Would the trip be more than 50% paddling or surfing? I like both, just trying to plan. -K
  11. When I mounted a Brunton 70P on my Scorpio, I bought a little gasket kit. Might not have been needed but it made it a little easier. It came with to length of machine screws so nuts can be point on the back so threading a wood screw into the deck material isn't required. When mounting in a glass boat, anyone know if anything else is needed or can it just be screwed into pilot holes drilled in the mounting location? -K
  12. From what I've read, and seen on the light up signs on the sides of I95, is MA is requestining a 14-day quarantine for people coming into the state. But it is a request and not a law.
  13. Viburnum dentatum. Great Egret (Ardea alba).
  14. Is this trip tentative at this point based on ME travel restrictions?
  15. @Joseph Berkovitz Not familiar with that location. Should we bring helmets? -K
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