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  1. Okay, now you've made me want to paddle that spot. Lead a trip on a weekend when us working stiffs can make it? -K
  2. Has anyone figure out how to select an extent with that tool? I'm trying to do it and I would expect you click on one corner and drag to the opposite. But the move function doesn't disable in that mode so it scrolls and ends up selecting the wrong area. Figured it out. You do not draw a box like a typical selection tool, you must click the center of what you want your chart to contain.
  3. I haven't read it yet but for Xmas I received -- https://www.amazon.com/How-Read-Water-Patterns-Puddles/dp/1615193588/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=how+to+read+water&qid=1578494129&sr=8-2 I'm in the middle of another book but as soon as I finish that one, I'll start the above. I flipped through it and checked out some of the pictures and diagrams and it looks comprehensive and facilitating. It covers things from how you can tell how clean a small stream is by looking at the insect larvae under a rock to determining which way the waves were breaking during the last high tide by looking at the ripples left in the sand. -K
  4. I'd liked to check the rocks out up there sometime as I lovin' the rock in RI. But I booked a day of coaching at Gales today. How about a some rock weekend days next season? -K
  5. At the last minute (yesterday) I signed up for Saturday only. Figure I'll learn something and have some fun. Weather is supposed to be nice and conditions should be just challenging enough for me. -Ken
  6. Darn, looks super fun. I wish I could have made. Please please someone schedule this route again next season. I'd love to do it. -Ken
  7. Ken


    I saw those pictures and the map and was really hoping to make it. Looks like a great day paddle in a scenic and fun (rocks) spot but unfortunately I pulled some muscles in my back and don't think it's a good idea to attend. I'd hate to get five miles down coast and be in pain trying to get back. Write up a trip report and hopefully if the plan works great it will be done again and I can try to make it next time. -Ken
  8. I've noticed there aren't a lot of NSPN day trips, mostly weekend getaways (which are totally fun; I really enjoyed Stonington, ME this summer) and evening practice (nice paddling Walden on my way home from work) but some more local level 3 trips on the weekend around Boston and the Northshore would be great. -Ken
  9. Ken


    I haven't been to Ogunquit in many years, I'm curious which river you are referring to, the little river maybe 20' or side wide running behind Ogunquit Beach? I recall being there once when the current was ripping through. If that's the river, I would think you would have to plan it based on the tides or you might not get back if the current was ripping out. But it's been decades since I've been up there so others may know way more than I do. If I'm free that weekend, I might be interested in an L3 trip, also more interesting in playing than covering distance. -Ken
  10. Rather sad note, a B-17 crashed a Bradley Airport in CT today and I believe it was the Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom tour so it was likely the same plane we saw flying over Beverly a few weeks ago.
  11. I did a google on "inflatable boat roller" and it appears that there are many commercial products available in numerous sizes. Some of them look like overkill for a kayak but there are smaller sizes. But yeah, can't beat the price of a $0.99 pool noodle.
  12. I'd love to learn about some of these places as i'm new and still learning all the spots that are available in the area. Since I'm not retired, I'm mostly a weekend warrior but may take some weekdays off next summer if I have some extra vaca time. Not sure if this season is over yet. I guess it depends on the weather and if anyone is up for some drysuits days. -Ken
  13. Did you find solid noodles or those with a hole? I use the ones with holes for hangers; I put a pvc pipe and then rope through them. I would think the hollow ones would crush a bit when used as rollers. But putting a 3/4" length of PVC pipe fixes that. Might try adding that if you are using the hollow ones. FYI, the hollow ones come in two sizes, almost 3" and almost 4". The larger size is harder to find but I find them more useful. -K
  14. Darn, I am away this weekend. I'm just getting into level 3 stuff and did kings beach several weeks ago and it was perfect. Some really fun rocks along that route. I'd love to do it again. Windmill Point has plenty of parking on weekends but there are restrictions on weekdays.
  15. Drive all the way out to Windmill Point in Hull and then paddle out to the Brewster Islands. Check the tides and current before you go.
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