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  1. I did the ACA thing. I think I registered for the Event. Is there a way to check confirmation? Any chance of changes due to weather? I suspect staying in the harbor will be a okay with respect to avoiding excessive waves, might still be just a little wet out. -Ken
  2. Not totally applicable to kayaking but I just found this two GIS familities that are fun to play with. The latter may have some info apropos to kayaking. http://maps.massgis.state.ma.us/map_ol/oliver.php http://maps.massgis.state.ma.us/map_ol/moris.php
  3. Thanks for the response. I did paddle there in an NSPN level-2 paddle (6/23/2019) that Rob led and liked the location. I recalled there was plenty of parking and I don't recall any place to pay but I guess it's changed. -Ken
  4. Anyone know that status of the launch and parking at 500 Ocean Blvd, Rye NH? A friend of mine in the Portland ME area just go into kayaking and I thought it might be a nice place to meet halfway for a paddle. I don't know what the deal with with restrictions and parking and whether it is open now. -Ken
  5. Biggest disappointment last season was missing the sessions due to injuries. Hopefully I'll be in shape to make it this year. -Ken
  6. Ouch. I totally don't blame you for skipping on that. (I'm eight months too young for the $10 lifetime pass but will get one next year. Even I used to go to Laka Cochituate or Walden once a year, it would then be worth it.)
  7. It really bummed me out to miss the first paddle of the season but I passed on the cold weather paddle this last weekend as I'm recovering from a torn ligament in one hand. I didn't want to find out after paddling three miles that it hurt too much to paddle back three miles. But I feel like I'm getting to the point where I could "paddle around" a bit, just not to/from anywhere as I suspect, when I'm done, I'm done, and don't want to push it. So I'm curious if anyone is planning any practice sessions like at Walden. -Ken
  8. Peddocks is likely the most civilized. You can even rent a yurt with electricity.
  9. It's definitely illegal to sell jammers in the USA. It's pretty much illegal sell or operate a device to transmit any radio signal except from an FFC approved (Part-15) device or unless you have an appropriate license for the class of transmitter such as an amateur (ham) radio license. For some devices, it's even more the manufacturer than the operator that the FCC will come after if the device appears legal but can transmit a signal that's not permitted. I do some radio control hobby stuff with FPV video gear and have read reports of some manufacturers getting fined by the FCC because their transmitters haven't properly disabled some channels that aren't available for us in the USA. There are about 40 channels but not all of them are legal for use and some require a ham license. The more legit manufacturers disable those channels and have some sort of setup you have to go through to turn them back on and the instructions say not to turn them on without a ham license. I do kinda laugh when I see ads for jammers. I get email flyers from Banggood (like a cheap Chinese amazon.com) every week as I've purchased electronic hobbyist stuff from them a bunch. The have this thing for $9.99 that's called a "cigarette lighter power supply" but has a GPS signal jammer attached and the is described in the fine print. You could order it from China. It would be illegal to sell in the USA and of course wicked illegal to operate in the USA. -Ken (KB1YMZ)
  10. A friend upgraded from a rec kayak to a sea kayak and now his 240cm paddle is waaaay toooo lonnnnnnng. If anyone in the Portland ME area has a 210cm paddle for sale, I can put you in touch. I think he works in Wells so might be willing to travel a bit further south. -Ken
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