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  1. Ken

    Short pump

    I asked virtually the same question on paddling.com a couple days ago. I don't know that there are more useful answers over there. One suggestion was to remove the loop handle and replace it with a knob and it might be short enough. Don't know if I will try that. I was thinking of trying putting my longervpump under the foredeck and maybe trying Velcro.
  2. If I want to do this trip, is there a place to sign up? -Ken
  3. Ken

    Woods Hole, Sunday 6/30

    If I'm free that weekend, I'd love to do the L2 Woods Hole paddle. Would that be 6/29?
  4. Ken

    Walden today

    I enjoyed meeting y'all and paddling last week but with the rain forecast for this PM and being rather tired from the long weekend, I did not put my boat on my car when I came to work today. Hopefully, I'll make it next week or the week after. -Ken
  5. Ken

    Paddling Woods Hole

    I just joined NSPN and only have done one trip so far but will be looking for trips in the L2-2.5 range this spring and summer. I'd consider paddling in that area if someone who knows the area can plan. (If I recall correctly the tides/current around that area can be swift and the wrong plan could get your somewhere you don't want to be.) -Ken
  6. The weather looks only so-so for tomorrow. I still planning on putting my boat on my car tonight so I'll have it after work tomorrow. If there's a cancellation, will someone send a message out? -Ken
  7. Ken

    Walden-area Tuesdays

    The Walden area is not that far out of my way home going home from work so I'd really like to make a few of these sessions. With the water temperature in May, I would assume some sort of cold protection, drysuit or wetsuit, is still appropriate? -Ken
  8. Ken

    Wednesday Lunch Paddle Series

    For better or worse I have 6-8 years to retirement but I also have some vacation time built up that I have to burn. I might want to do some Wednesdays. I'd just need to plan a few days in advance to let me coworkers know I'm taking the day off. I'd likely look for notification of location and weather forecast a few days in advance to decide if it's a good day to attend. I was looking through some old posts from last summer before I joined. Wasn't there an afterwork weekday thing at Walden last summer? Anyone know if there is any kind of early evening events planned for this summer? Walden or anything not too far from the 128 or 495 belt is more or less on my way home from work and it would be fun to get out for a couple hours after work sometime. -Ken
  9. Ken

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Hey, I wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for the trip yesterday. I learned some stuff and had some fun. It was great meeting y'all and paddling with. you I'd loved it out in those waves and can't wait to do it again. Yesterday's trip was just the right level to build a more confidence without biting off too much Happy Easter (and Passover), Ken
  10. I've been tossing around some ideas for making it easier for club members, especially newer members, to get charts and gear. To see how well those ideas match up with reality, I ask you to take a moment to reply to the survey questions below, especially if you don't typically have a chart on your deck during club paddles. Copy the following into your reply and add your answers. Name some paddling locations you expect to visit in 2019 or 2020 for which you don't already own a chart: Being a novice, pretty much anywhere that's convenient and appropriate for my level and experiences. If you DO own some charts, how do prefer to get them? (buy online, marine supply store, print them myself...) Download from internet for free and print at home. If you were to BUY a chart, would you choose a $25 waterproof chart or an identical $10 paper chart? I have an 8.5x11 laminator and I have printed the sections of charts I want and laminated them. So far, just some pieces of Boston Harbor. For the distances I paddle, these have been adequate. How much would you be willing to pay to BORROW a waterproof chart that you didn't have for the duration of an NSPN trip? ($0 is a valid answer) Don't know. Which of the following do you NOT currently own? waterproof chart case, deck compass, handheld compass, marine radio, tow belt, helmet Waterproof chart case, marine radio, helmet. (Helmet are radio are the next items on my list.)
  11. Ken

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    I have tried the stuff on a several times, trimmed the neck gasket but want to be careful to not overtrim so it is now just barely comfortable. Being a former windsurfer and sailor and seeing small-craft adversaries and 7.5' wave forecast sounds intimidating. But I learned from ski trips that the best thing is to "always go", sometimes it ain't great but you survive learn something and sometimes you have any epic day you didn't expect; stay home you get neither. I guess I'll play it by ear and make my mind up tomorrow evening. No, meal for me, family holiday dinner Friday night.
  12. Ken

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Having not paddled with this club before, never paddled in a cold water o/ dry suit, being maybe a L2+ paddler after one season, and with the forecast for Saturday not looking great, I'm worried that this would be a good first trip. I'm afraid of stuff like my drysuit not fitting right and having to turn around and make adjustments and issues like that. I'm looking forward to trying my new gear (dry-suit, booties, gloves, cap, etc.) but not sure if this is the right fit or not.
  13. Ken

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Is the location and time set yet? -Ken
  14. Ken

    Winter reading

    In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick. True story of a whaling ship that was rammed by a sperm whale then sank and the journey of the surviving crew to get back to land. Supposedly this historical event inspired Herman Melville to pen Moby Dick. And don't forget the classics. For one thing, they are free on https://www.gutenberg.org/. Moby Dick is a spectacular read, 200 pages of plot and 600 pages of square-rigger and whaling trivia. With all the kitchty pirate pop culture, I decided to go back to the original and am currently reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  15. I found this video on making drive gloves from Showa 660s; of course it's in some germanic/norse language I don't understand. But the the visual are good. What I don't know is what kid of glue, whether any flexible contact cement, like Household Goop, work or something specific like Aquaseal. The video also compared conical seals and bottle-shaped seals but not understanding the audio, I don't know if both or jut on of the two Ismail recommended.