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  1. As the title suggests, I left a small amount of sea water in the back of my kayak and forgot it. The kayak is plastic and was outside under a tarp so those 90 + days cooked the sea water. I did the usual. Rinsed it out, soap and watered it, but the smell is still pretty powerful. I did the usual google search and the consensus was white vinegar, which what I am trying today. Any other advice or cures are welcomed besides ''Don't do that again.'' That advance has been fully absorbed. 😉
  2. Update - Unfortunately, my roof rack just had an unforunately meeting with a garage ceiling and I am going to have to cancel. have a great paddle.
  3. I am looking forward to a chilly beach day. I started Cold Water paddling last winter and my biggest issue was trying to determine what to wear under my dry suit. My effort involved discussing it with friends and just going through trial and error along with making detailed notes. The main issue was a trade off between getting too hot during paddling while being okay with a medium long swim. My old NRS dry suit just doesn't breathe at all. It reminds me of the old sauna suits I used to use while cutting weight for wrestling and boxing. 😉 I was planing to bring a range of clothes under the dry suit for different temps. I would encourage others to do the same.
  4. Thanks guys. Brian, I especially appreciate the photos and detailed explanation. I now have another thing to work on during the winter. 😉
  5. I recently purchased a 50 foot tow rope and started practicing and re-packing it. Unfortunately, my packing is only 50/50, since half the time the rope gets tangled and doesn't fully deploy. Any recommendations or videos on the best way to pack it? I tried stuffing it like a WW throw bag, coiling it, and laying it out. Neither worked particularly well. The tow rope is a NRS Tow kit. Any good advice is welcomed. Brian
  6. Jim, I am not sure if I am on the wait list but now I can''t make it, so if I am on the wait list. You can take me off. Thanks, Brian
  7. What time should our butts be in boats?
  8. Paul, I am very interested. I was planning to kayak out there two years ago but weather intervened. I have my hopes up for good weather. Brian
  9. Thanks for all the responses, especially about how just one parameter can push the trip up a notch.
  10. Wow!! Looks like an awesome trip. I am adding this to my bucket list. 😉
  11. I would be interested. Brian
  12. I was explaining to someone about Sea kayaking Difficulty levels and sent them the following diagram. Of course, i am not sure where I discovered the diagram. Does anyone know where the diagram was developed. Is there an standard level definition? I looked on the websites of the usual suspects but I didn't find one.
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