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  1. Thanks, I have called langonian and the inn across the street and they are all booked up. I searched for something else but the prices are outrageous. I figured I could continue to check in with the hotels in case they get cancellations. My husband will travel with me again although he does not paddle.
  2. I plan on attending this trip. I paddles with NSPN two years ago at Bar Harbor. But then took the covid year off from paddling. I have done some paddling this year with AMC including completing a Level 2 training with Boston AMC in Hingham harbor . I have also paddled From Crane Island in Newington with NH AMC. I would like to participate in Bar Harbor this year if I can find a hotel reservation and look to this trip to get started with NSPN and get suggestions on which trips I am qualified for.
  3. I was able to send a payment through the link. I hardly ever use paypal so I hope you got my payment
  4. Hi All, Other than this Tuesday at Walden Pond where I met a couple of members, this trip will be my first trip with NSPN. My husband is coming with me, but will not be paddling. He may do a hiking trip with us if it does not involve paddling. We also may also bring bicycles. I love Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, but have not been there recently except for a brief family wedding in Bar Harbor. I have never paddled there. I am a level II or II+ paddler at least according to Appalachian Mnt Club standards where I have done most of my Sea Kayaking over the last 3 years. I have a room booked at the Inn from Thursday night through Tuesday. I don't know quite what to expect or know which paddles are appropriate for me. Any suggestions on how to get connected, find out the options, and make good paddling choices for myself once I am there? I am excited about the trip and looking forward to visiting the Island again, and to paddling with this group? Thanks, all Patricia McCauley
  5. I am interested in the Walden Pond session on Tuesday night (July 9) Is this the correct place to rsvp? Patricia McCauley
  6. I am also looking for a room or camping. Can we join together in our search. Patricia McCauley
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